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Using week passwords and oversharing the same password can have severe consequences on your Business. Hackers steal passwords to infiltrate a network and also to gain access to financial information and credentials. We are always cautioned to not share passwords with other people, especially with the unknowns. One mistake on your part in Business can result in the loss of billions. Passwords can put your organization at risk since weak passwords are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Employees negligence involving passwords is the cause of several data breaches. Some of the workers are careless and practice lousy password habits. Not only in the corporate world but also other sectors, the weak passwords are accountable for intensifying data breaches. Now let’s take a look at the reports of a password breach. In the Healthcare sector, with 5000 employees, 25% of passwords were compromised. In Manufacturing company with 60,000 employees, 25% of passwords were leaked. 35% of passwords were compromised in an IT company with 150 employees. In many organizations, the significance of setting strong passwords is often overlooked. There is an appalling need to work on these habits so that you’re able to keep the cyber criminals at bay. It is imperative to create a strong password to protect the company’s account against data breaches. To create a safer online environment, download privacy shield to keep the hackers out of your system in order to protect your online identity.

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The habit of using weak, default or compromised passwords:

Most of the people tend to make mistakes since they use weak passwords. As per the 2019 Data Breach Report, it was noticed that 80% of hacking-related breaches happen due to weak and compromised passwords. Also, it was reported that 316,000 of users were using already compromised passwords. In the UK, millions of people are using passwords that are easy to guess, even on their sensitive accounts. It is reported, 123456 is the most common password that is used repeatedly by the users.

Password Reuse:

Reuse of the password multiple times can result in the credential stuffing. It intensifies the opportunity for the cyber criminals. According to reports, 59% of people use identical passwords for everything and even at the workplace. Once the data is leaked in a data breach, there is no going back. Hackers try and test multiple passwords so that they are able to gain access to user’s other accounts. Most of the people don’t alter their passwords, and they use the same as it is easy to remember. But people tend to overlook how harmful it can be. One compromised password can lead to a significant breach.

The most significant data breach took place in 2012 when one careless employee used their LinkedIn password for their corporate Dropbox account. 60 million user credentials were compromised with password reuse.

Password Sharing:

Many people make a mistake of sharing passwords with their co-workers. It’s like compromising the sensitive information with your own hands. If some employees leave the organization, they still have access to systems using shared credentials. Employees should be instructed sternly not to share the passwords with anyone since they get comfortable in sharing credentials with their co-workers.

Organizations must implement technical control to protect them from various cyber-attacks.

Educate Employees:

Your employees require to be cautious so that they don’t engage in insecure practices. Educate employees on the latest cyber security threats and what they can do to prevent them. Periodic training should be held on an annual basis. It is indispensable to educate employees, especially new joinees. Employers should provide adequate knowledge to the employees of how weak passwords can lead to data breaches and identity theft.

Use a Password Blacklist:

Don’t choose weak passwords that are vulnerable and can be compromised easily. Password blacklist consists of standard and compromised passwords. Anyone can exploit and misuse weak passwords effortlessly. A password blacklist service contains the list of compromised passwords. In 2019, NCSC released a list of 100,000 most common passwords.

Multi-factor Authentication:

Companies should implement Multi-factor authentication. It is an amalgamation of something with an additional factor such as fingerprints. It is efficient in restricting access, and as an additional factor, it creates a snag for hackers. Every organization should implement MFA for all the systems.

Following these tips may not prevent your data from being exposed. The best practice is to download Privacy Shield software. Make your accounts even more secure with a privacy shield software.

When it comes to passwords, being proactive and download privacy shield is the ultimate solution. The peerless performance of defencebyte privacy shield keeps your identity and digital footprints protected from accelerating online issues. It effectually removes browsing history and all traces of online activity that makes your PC vulnerable to data breaches. With the comprehensive security of this robust software, passwords and usernames cannot be tracked at any cost.


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