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New stories of massive data breach are recurrently spotted on the front page of the newspapers. Cyberattacks are intensifying at an unprecedented rate, and more confidential information is being sold over the dark web. With data breaches, security is compromised as the sensitive information is accessed without the authorization. Now, you can assume to which extent data breaches can be deleterious. According to the study, the average cost of a data breach is $3.86 million to a company. Data breach attacks can lead to compromise of identity and can expose personal, financial, and corporate information such as software codes, healthcare histories, credit card numbers, social security numbers. Hackers impersonate someone from the targeted network, and they try to gain access to the victim’s other systems. Even many companies are taking security measures to protect their customer’s data. Educating yourself about online threats should be the foremost step to combat such incidences and being cautious about online activities is imperative. There are many policies, laws and procedures to protect your sensitive information, and besides that, users should download privacy shield for windows. Recovering from a data breach is a task in itself, especially for small firms. According to the reports, after a data breach, 60 percent of small firms go out of business as they have to bear heavy losses. Being proactive is indispensable, and in order to protect yourself from anticipated data breaches, individuals and the companies should take requisite precautionary steps. Nothing is 100% effective to protect you from data breaches. Therefore, responding to the breach should be fast and efficient. Also, many companies are taking the initiative to tighten their security measures to protect from anticipated data breaches.

Download Privacy Shield for windows

Why do Data Breaches Occur?

Data Breaches can ensue due to many reasons such as using weak passwords, malware attacks, human errors and also, they can accidentally take place.

  1. Weak Passwords:

Hackers can infiltrate easily when the passwords are weak. Unless the passwords are strong, it is easier for hackers to crack. Always keep a unique password with different characters so that no one is able to guess. According to the Verizon report, one of the top 5 causes of a data breach is brute force attacks.

  1. Malware Attacks:

Cyber criminals use the most common methods to attack the victims such as through the spam, phishing email, malware attachments, or directing users to vulnerable websites in order to trick them into revealing credentials. Never open unsolicited links or attachments received from an unknown source. If the user unintentionally opens the unsolicited attachment, no one can save them. Cyber criminals be-fool you by making attachments look legitimate as if they have come from a trusted source.

  1. Unintentional Download:

You can inadvertently download a virus or malware by simply visiting a compromised website, and it becomes easy for hackers to steal your credentials and sensitive information.

  1. Human Errors:

Human Errors are considered to be one of the top causes of a data breach. As per the report, 4 out of 5 times data breaches are caused accidentally by human error. It is crucial to evade any harmful areas of negligence that lead to data breaches. For Example, loss or theft of encrypted hardware device, if someone sends email or fax to an incorrect recipient.

download privacy shield for windows

Here are 10 tips to keep your company safe

  • Educate your employees about cyber security threats.
  • Protect all the sensitive information, irrespective of data used or not.
  • Enforce unique and strong passwords and also change passwords every six months.
  • Limit the access or make sure relevant and authorized employees handle sensitive data.
  • Download Privacy shield for Windows, which is reliable and trustworthy and also Out-of-date software should be timely updated.
  • Companies should always encrypt data and devices.
  • Enable two-factor authentication.

download privacy shield for windows

Companies and individuals should Download Privacy Shield for windows that offer the top-notch protection and wipes all the digital footprints competently. Instantaneously download a robust and ultra-featured defencebyte Privacy Shield software that will guard your private data efficaciously. It will keep your valuable data protected from all sorts of data breaches and digital catastrophe.


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