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    defencebyte speed optimizer software
    Get the Best Performance
    Speedup a Slow PC in no time
    Performs series of Optimization on H/w & S/W
    Resource light Still Fast Functioning
    Run Machine to its Maximum Speed
    Calibrate PC and Registry Items
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    Get the Best Performance
    Cleans PC File History
    Cleans Internet Browsing History
    Comprehensive Privacy Protection
    Schedule Cleaning
    IM & Chat Records compatible
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    Reliable Security Solution
    Detects malicious items
    Flexible Scheduling
    Keeps your computer safe and secure
    Easy to set up and run
    SCatches items your antivirus may miss

Secure your devices and network

The Perfect Security for All Devices

defencebyte is a big name among the PC security providers. We have world class expert engineers who work on various technologies and their positive as well negative aspect to identify the root cause of items and detect them. Our engineering team has threat analysts, researchers, and virus hunters who work to defend your machines against digital crimes by analyzing all sorts of threats.

We are excogitating multiple new ways to protect your devices from all challenges and our team has prepared a database of all existing virus definitions and along with that we keep on updating this database for complete protection. We offer dedicated applications which work intelligently to safeguard you against every type of cybercrime activities. We facilitate the facility of our customers to report us about every new threat that they have detected.


Help me choose the best security

Improve your PC performance & online experience
with our robust security products

Real Time Speed Optimizer to Boost PC Performance

Real Time Data Protection From Malware & Spyware

Real Time Data Backup & Recovery Solution

Computer Optimizer Anti-Malware Data Privacy All Products


Speed Up PC

defencebyte saves up system resources and postpones all non-actionable pop-up windows, updates and system demanding activities. It help in maintaining high performance at all times.


Blocks Viruses

With Added features and powerful security technologies defencebyte delivers premium protection against today ever more intricate threats- so that you can have a safe & secure browsing experience with your PC .


Secures Data

defencebyte includes features to safeguard your personal data including your passwords, credit card info and bank details secured from cyber threats & keyloggers.


Free Support

Enjoy the benefits of being our premium defencebyte customers by availing our 24/7 support , where you can connect to our experts to discuss any security items and get the best customized solution for your PC.

Protect every application in your all devices

Our every product is created by the experts and keeping in mind to offer next-generation protection. Our software programs can defend you against the newest infections because our products work in real-time to detect and remove viruses. We release timely updates of our software applications to make sure that all of your devices can be covered and remain virus- proof.

We have designed and created our products with in-built security technologies to give the secure digital environment to your computers and networks. We offer protection to all of your devices like computer, mobile phones and network. We also offer customized deals like you can choose one product for all of your devices. We try to make sure that our applications outperform the risk of the most complex nature. With our antivirus application, you don’t need to think about the attack of malware. And our TuneUp application will take care of the performance of your system and our Safe Surf software program will secure your online presence and won’t allow the snoopers to track your browsing habits and spread malware through malicious links. Your trust is our boosting energy to offer you unparallel protection which is easy to install and use.

Defend every bit of your devices

defencebyte has won the trust of millions of users worldwide with its world-class products and services. Providing you the security services is not our only concern, we believe in providing the complete care to your computers, mobile phones, and networks. We provide the excellent products of your concern to secure your devices when you’re working on your computer, accessing the Internet, playing online games, or doing something else on the system.

If you’re our customers it becomes our responsibility to take care of every issue of your computer from the moment you purchased our products. Our applications manage to protect every bit of your machine and keep it shielded against all sorts of challenges and risks present virtually. If you’re struggling with the security aspect of your devices, let our experts take care of that and manage the protection for all of your devices.

We work hard to provide and assure an infection-free environment for your devices. Our applications include multiple layers of protection so that if a malware manages to penetrate one layer, it can’t slip through all the layers. Our globally appreciated products manage to detect and remove the most dangerous and complex viruses and infections, and optimize their performance. We try to offer patches for all small and big vulnerabilities of your system so that malware as well as hackers can’t enter neither from the front doors nor the back doors.