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7 Proven Ways to Improve PC Performance Like a Pro

improve PC performance

It is inevitable to stop a computer system from slowing down with time, even if it is unboxed today. Eventually it starts responding to its continuous usage. With its consistent usage and installation of several needed software’s, computer performance gets impacted in the long run....

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How to Prevent Ransomware Attack on your Computer System

How to Prevent Ransomware Attack on your Computer System

Cybercrimes can be devastating for an organization as well as for individuals & recovering from its infection is incredibly challenging. Ransomware is the most destructive and ruinous cyberthreat for anyone on a global scale. It is a type of malware attack where your system gets...

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How a robust Anti Ransomware Security prevents online hackers from mugging you

1. How to login to ? To sign in to, follow these steps: 1. Open a web browser and go to or into the URL bar of your browser. 2. A login page will appear asking you to enter your login username and password....

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How to Remove Movie Flex?

Remove Movie Flex

Movie Flex is an adware that actually promotes itself as a browser extension that claims to help you in searching and watching movies easily and instantly right at your browser. Once this program is installed, it allows you to access more than  5,000 unique, movies,...

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