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Defencebytes’ PC Shield lets you spot things on your screen that may jeopardize your digital confidentiality or the privacy of your records. Your online digital presence, including your browsing history and monitoring data, will be erased with our PC Privacy Shield Software. Defencebytes’ PC Shield Protection Solution also includes an integrated file encryption mechanism to safeguard your confidential and confidential data! You can browse the web and chat with people without worrying about credentials or other personal details being left behind thanks to PC Shield Security.

  • Block’s hackers, scammers, and fraudsters dead in their tracks to eliminate cyber-attacks and identity theft.
  • On the Internet and on your phone or laptop, leaves no sign of your private web operation.
File Size: 8.97 MB
Download Time: Under 1 minute

Compatibility: Windows 10, 8/8.1, 7, Vista & XP
defencebyte PC shield software

Clear all chats software

The Clear All Chats Software from defencebyte offers seamless data protection by clearing off all search history, file access, and chat logs from your systems. The tool actively blocks all chat logs and clears confidential client information, providing 100% protection from unauthorized access, identity fraud, and computer misuse.

Erases browsing history software

Your browser history can contain sensitive information that can be extracted and misused by hackers easily. Get Erase Browsing History Software from defencebyte to ensure that all your browsing history is cleared permanently from your systems. The software also has a user-friendly adblocker that will keep unwanted ads at bay.

Automatic scheduled scan software

With defencebyte’s Automatic scheduled scan software, you will never miss your system scan again. The software also allows you to precisely set scan timers to make sure that all scans are on time and your systems are totally free from malware. According to your convenience, you can also set timers at different times of the day.

Clean and simple interface software

The most attractive aspect of our Privacy Shield Software is its highly user-friendly interface. All the options and features are clearly displayed, and you don't require any technical knowledge to handle the software. Due to our clean and simple interface, you can manage privacy effortlessly in just a few clicks here and there.

Effective file shredder software

Hackers can extract files from your system even after you delete them. To avoid such a scenario, defencebyte’s File Shredder Software is a must-have. The File Shredder shreds and deletes the files permanently, making them irretrievable in any case. And you don’t need any technical knowledge to use it, just a few clicks, and done.

Which PC shield software is right for you?

defencebyte Privacy Shield

defencebyte Privacy Shield

1 Computer

$ 54.95
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$ 38.95
Best Value
defencebyte Privacy Shield

defencebyte Privacy Shield

3 Computers

$ 104.95
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$ 78.95
defencebyte Privacy Shield

defencebyte Privacy Shield

5 Computers

$ 144.95
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$ 111.95

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