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Comprehensive Protection for your system and devices


Seamless Security for Windows Computer

Gear up for a boost in PC performance and enriching online experience with our robust security products.
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Speed up PC

Speed up PC

Remove Viruses

Remove Viruses

Protect Data

Protect Data

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Anti-Ransomware Software

Bolster each application in your device

Ensure secure digital environment for your systems & networks with defencebyte security
  • Shield - Defencebyte Fortifies Your Online Identity
  • Anti-Ransomware Installation - Defencebyte Easy Installation & Device Scan
  • Improve PC Speed - defencebyte Hastens your PC Speed
  • Calender - Defencebyte Flexibility in scheduling

defencebyte PC Optimizer

Safeguard your device to the extreme

Be cautious and upkeep every issue of the computer

Scans hidden malware items


Safeguards you from online threats


Troubleshoot & Fixes Issues

defencebyte Privacy Shield

Guard your PC from any type of Safety Snags

Keep your Windows safe with defencebyte security software.
Computer Optimizer, Privacy Shield, Anti-Ransomware

Malware Removal

defencebyte Antimalware excels in removing hardcore malware, spyware, adware and any such type of security bugs that puts your PC at risk.


Real Time Protection

Quick and effective malware scanning and preventive redemption from future malware infections.


Browser Cleanup

Eliminates nuisance browser add-ons, unwanted apps and toolbars, hence rescuing your PC from Adware with this efficient Adware cleaner


Ransomware Protection

Bolster your defense system against ransomware with defencebyte Antimalware protection.

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Reliable Security Solution

Resort to our sturdy security products for a spurt in your PC performance and to augment your online experience.


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