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Comprehensive Protection for your system and devices


Seamless Security for Windows Computer

Download our antivirus software, and our range of PC security and optimization tools to get the best performance and safety for your system.
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Speed up PC

Speed up PC/ Remove Clutter

Give your computer a new lease of life by removing unnecessary files and software.

Remove Viruses

Eradicate Virus/ Malware/ Ransomware

Your antivirus online purchase will help you keep your PC free of unwanted software.

Protect Data

Protect Data/ Browse Privately

No matter what you’re doing online, with defencebyte you’ll stay safe and secure.

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24X7 Help Desk

If you have any issues with your online antivirus purchase for PC we’re here to help any time of day.

By downloading an antivirus for Windows you’ll be able to give your computer a higher level of protection. Windows computers are the most highly targeted by hackers and viruses. Your online antivirus purchase for your PC will ensure that

Anti-Ransomware Software

Safeguard your system and crucial data from ransomware reach!

Ensure secure digital environment for your systems & networks with defencebyte security
  • Shield - Defencebyte Scans and eradicates ransomware traces
  • Anti-Ransomware Installation - Defencebyte Protects devices as well as networks
  • Improve PC Speed - defencebyte Keeps online hackers away from reach
  • Calender - Defencebyte Easy installation & auto scan

defencebyte PC Optimizer

Fix all system issues that make it slow

Give instant boost to your system performance

Blocks Unwanted URLs/File Exts


Deletes useless files and empties registry keys


Troubleshoot and fixes PC issues

defencebyte Privacy Shield

Safeguard your PC from online safety breaches

Keep every online activity and your personal data protected always!
Computer Optimizer, Privacy Shield, Anti-Ransomware
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Removes all chat records and online browsing history


Effective file shredder and strong password protector


Protects passwords and personal identity thefts


Helps to maintain safe and secure online work experience

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Reliable Security Solution

Resort to our sturdy security products for a spurt in your PC performance and to augment your online experience.

At defencebyte we work relentlessly to deliver a reliable product that will work for you no matter the situation. We’re always ahead of current events and threats so that our product can be too. Don’t waste your time with other solutions, download our antivirus for Windows today.


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Keep Your Computer Safe

With your online antivirus purchase you’ll be able to ensure 110% security for your PC.
  • Viruses, malware, and unwanted software are constantly on the rise. While most operating systems come with a default antivirus software, they aren’t sufficient enough as they hardly get updated
  • With the defencebyte suite of products you can ensure that you’ll get the latest updates and security tips.
  • Alongside this we’ll also help you keep your computer clean and organized so that it’s always performing to the best of its abilities.
Your Computer Safe

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