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Fastest recovery software

Defencebytes provides the fastest recovery software to conveniently and rapidly restore lost images, notes, recordings, emails, etc. Recover data from local discs, removable hard drive, Flash Drives, SD cards, cell phones, and other portable computers. Defencebytes' fastest data recovery software serves 100+ real-life data loss cases including removal, encoding, RAW, etc. with a better performance rate than some as well as accommodating nearly all accessible file types.


  • Recover lost files from PC or removable hard disc
  • Restore various kinds of media, not just records but also images, audios, texts, Restore data from compromised or malicious software drive
  • User-Friendly GUI
  • Lost partitions scan
  • Sleek interface and excellent usability
  • Data security and recovery features
  • Fast search and recovery speeds
defencebyte fastest recovery software