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Clear all chats software

Defencebytes’ clear all chats software erases your end-digital point's footprints. Both automated logging systems and loggers that could exist on your websites and mounted on your system will be scrubbed away, including search history, file access, and chat logs, as well as confidential client information that may have been digitally used. Defencebytes’ delete all chat history software blocks all chat logs, protecting your information and keeping you secure from malware activity. Defencebytes’ delete all chat history software would assure that you can search and chat without fear of a privacy breach.


  • Delete all chat logs
  • Provides protection from identity fraud and computer misuse!
  • Remove your Digital Footprint from the Internet.
  • Keep the company's data secure.
  • Avoid data leakage.
defencebyte clear all chats software