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Windows 11 is the Successor version of Windows 10 launched by Microsoft Corporation. Operating system version 10 was launched in 2015 and now in 2021, an upgraded version of the same operating system has been launched. This upgrade can be done using the Windows Update option, through Microsoft Store, or by using Windows Server Update Services.

Many new attributes were added in this version, and they are yet to be delivered. However, every current update or patch that is rolled out to fix the glitches helps in making this version of Windows 11 a complete, flawless package.

The company tries to keep a check on the bugs and issues faced by the users and fix them in the new releases of the same through the Insider program. Users are continuously experiencing new attribute introductions, removal of a few inactive features, and fixing of the bugs.  In this article, we’ll show you all the bugs you still have to deal with in the current Windows 11 version.

Alternatively, you can clean and optimize your Windows PC to apply some initial fixes and remove some basic glitches for the overall flawless working of the PC.

The latest build fixes numerous problems, including the following:

  • Error while launching and closing of the applications.
  • Error while exiting the Power User.
  • Lag in the movement of the mouse cursor while moving over the taskbar.
  • The notification shows a Quick Settings has been fixed error while selecting the input indicator.
  • .exe file crashing error.
  • The date present on the Taskbar is inharmonious with the calendar.
  • Settings window crashing randomly.
  • Bugs in volume mixer in Sound Settings.
  • Error while verifying Backup Settings link.
  • Crashing up of the Power and Battery settings window.
  • False notification displayed regarding Battery Saver enablement.
  • Link unavailable for forgot my PIN.
  • Malfunctioning while changing themes.
  • The Pen menu switches not working properly.
  • Malfunctioning while switching between open windows.
  • After launching different widgets, some widgets are invisible.

The above-mentioned bugs have been fixed up to an extent in the new build versions of Windows 11, but they are not glitch-free.

What Changes were made in the 22000.71 Build?

The 22000.71 builds were released to overcome the bugs and errors in the 22000.65 version.

In addition, it came with small changes in UI, widget changes, and a few errors listed above. A new widget is introduced with the name entertainment widget. However, Microsoft in Windows 11 has put off News and Interests widgets, and replaced them with a new panel into the Taskbar, with an add-on feature of expanding widget.

A transparent menu is designed by Microsoft for making it an attractive user interface for new users. Many users have mentioned different bugs and errors, out of which few were acknowledged by Microsoft. In this article, we will be discussing these bugs one after the other.

●     Text not displaying in Search in the Taskbar or Start menu

Some users were unable to type in the search bar present on the Taskbar or in the Start menu. This problem could appear for the first time after boot up and might not appear for the next time.

However, if it error keeps on appearing frequently, then this issue needs to be resolved.

●     Explorer.exe Program failure

This crashing error has been experienced by several users on the global platform. While clicking on the date and time for opening the Window Explorer, the Windows is not responsive and hangs up for a few seconds. As a result of the bug, the monitor screen turned out blank for a few seconds, and the desktop screen will get reloaded. This issue appeared only once after booting and in a few cases, this bug continues to appear whenever the notification is displayed.

The reason behind this error appearing on systems is because of the disabling of the Focus Assist. The Focus Assist as the name suggests helps you in focusing and lets you keep away distractions such as notifications. This attribute is a baked-in feature and automatically enabled for the application supporting full-screen like games etc.

Enabling the Focus Assist will not fix the problem, but notification pop-ups will disappear from your screen. The new notification will be displayed in the Taskbar.

●     More Storage Space Utilisation

In the preview, the 22000.71 builds consumed a lot of storage data even if no application is executed. This affects the overall performance of the system and, as a result, delays the boot up-time of the operating system.

This error was not experienced in the previous 22000.65 builds, even after numerous bugs were present. It can be predicted that disk usage consumption will be higher in coming builds as compared to the old build versions.

●     The Rename button not responding

In the 22000.71 builds for Windows 11, there is a bug that doesn’t allow the administrator to change the name of the PC. Hence, the Rename feature for the PC is inactive.

●     The search panel unresponsive

While selecting the magnifying glass icon on the Taskbar may fail to launch the Search panel.

Also, floating your mouse cursor on the magnifying glass may end up being unresponsive and displays your past search history. The only fix for this is restarting Windows Explorer or else rebooting your PC.

●     Issues with Microsoft Store

In Some cases, an error is displayed while downloading and installing applications from the Microsoft Store.

To fix this issue you need to repair Microsoft Store. We advise you not to apply this repairing option as this method ended up creating endless issues further in some cases.

●     Windows Security issues

Microsoft acknowledged these issues when a lot of users reported this error globally that the Security program is displaying the error mentioning “Standard hardware security not supported” message on systems for supported hardware.

After restarting your computer, you require enabling the option for sending the sample files to Microsoft for verification to keep a check on the virus threat and malware attack.

●     Resetting your PC or Rolling back to the previous build feature is unavailable

For fixing the few bugs and issues by altering the operating system settings or rolling back to the previous build, this alteration cannot be made through the Recovery page under the Settings head because the Reset and Go Back feature is unresponsive in the 22000.71 builds.

However, you can uninstall the updates manually, and for resetting the PC use the Advanced Startup environment.

●     Other random Bugs

These are some random bugs that are experienced by different users. These include the following:

  • Icons getting blurred.
  • Background processes hindering the PC from shutting down.
  • Bugs while gaming.
  • Issues related to the Drivers.
  • Errors while installing the new Driver Updates.
  • Bugs while launching the File Explorer.

This needs to be noted that some Windows 10 errors will continue to occur in Windows 11 as a hierarchy if you have not fixed these problems. For instance, if you upgrade your operating system using the Insider Program which provides you a feature to save your data related to applications, temporary cached files, and unethical Windows Registry keys may harm your PC.

Conclusion :

In this article, we have explained Windows 11 Bugs you have to worry about and fix them. This new build of the operating system contains new features with a lot of bugs and errors. We have explained here multiple bugs one after the other for your knowledge. If any of them worked for you, do not hesitate to leave some feedback by commenting in the section below.


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