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One should never run after freebies, we know it’s a free world market which offers free calls on the Internet, free maps, free email, free apps for a smartphone but that doesn’t call that you should alsodownload free antivirus for pc. Things are altogether different when it comes to digital security since malicious viruses can anytime create nuisances and constant threats, and that’s why to mitigate such topsy-turvy situations, you should download the best antivirus software. There are two choices that are presented in front of the user: paid or free version. Most of the customers typically pick the latter in order to save money, though there are many drawbacks that they should keep in mind before making the final choice. But, if you are looking for an advanced suite of protection, then the only option that is left for you is to download paid antivirus software. And out of the abundant software available in the market, select the one that doesn’t let any virus slip past its defenses.

Paid antivirus is meticulously designed with their elaborate system behavior monitoringfunctionality and they can effortlessly pick up the existence of old and new threats. Paid versions are proficient at scanning the system for bad actors and keep a constant vigil on suspicious files. Lots of well-known paid antivirus programs are available in the market such as defencebyte Antivirus Pro, McAfee, Kaspersky, Norton. These programs offer add-on, bonus features, which provides an extra layer of protection. We are not saying every free antivirus software is useless, no some of the reputable antivirus programs such as Avira, Avast, Bitdefender, AVG Free Antivirus software are good enough.Now, let’s jump on and see if you download free antivirus for Pc, how it can be risky for your computer.

Fewer Features: Feed-in mind free antivirus only offers basic features such as protection from viruses and other types of malware threats. Free versions are not designed in a way to provide advanced firewall systems and identify theft protection. Download free antivirus for PC only when you have to safeguard yourself from virus and data breach attacks, the ones which are common. With the presence of reliable and robust antivirus software, there are chances that your system may get infected with new types of malware. 

Data Theft/Collection: We are quoting it as Data theft because there’s an old saying ‘nothing in life is free, everything comes at the cost of something. And it perfectly gets along in the case of antivirus software. You will be shocked by reading; there are free antivirus programs out there that collect data from their customers. And what is unethical over here is they further sell the customer’s private data to third party companies in order to make money. For Instance, In January 2020, one popular antivirus brand was found out recording user’s online behavior without their prior consent. The collected data included people’s searches, clicks, browsing history.

Targeted Advertisements: One of these free antivirus programs collect customer’s private data and sell it to third-party companies, then later they use it to create targeted ads. Let’s hop on and see how these ads work. For Example, if you are continually searching for cars, then you will spot advertisements related to that search term. All over the web, you will see a myriad of ads that are solely related to cars. Though these targeted advertisements are helpful for some people, however, no one can deny the fact that it is under scrutiny for privacy invasion issues. Let’s put it in a straightforward way; customers never signed up for targeted ads when they downloaded free antivirus for PC. In a nutshell, Data Collection and targeted ads can be perilous for businesses and individuals because of the possibility of data theft, which can exorbitantly pricey for them.

Slow Scans: Most of the free antivirus software have inferior quality, and they are said to take up a large portion of system RAM while they are running and especially consume tons of resources during virus scans. Allow us to tell you if you use your computer for resource-intensive tasks like for making spreadsheets and video editing, then antivirus can slow down your system and at last would make your computer hard to use. On the other hand, according to studies and experts paid antivirus applications performs far better than free variants.

Poor Customer Support: With paid antivirus comes myriad additional benefits, and one of them is they offer stellar customer support. But when it is compared to the free ones, they offer little or no customer support. If they deliver customer support, then it is only limited to basic troubleshooting, message boards, knowledge-based FAQ’s. There will come a day when even Google will have no answer to your queries, and without professional customer support, you will not be able to fix the issues on your own. Therefore, if you are planning to download free antivirus for PC, then think over once again.

Let’s recall:In a nutshell, you will get poor customer support, a slow-scanning mechanism, limited features, you will be exposed to data and identity theft. Are these reasons still giving you hope to download free antivirus for PC? No, right?

The Same, But Poles Apart!

Although free and paid antivirus software seems the same, yet they are entirely different when it comes to functionality and performance. When it comes to basic understanding in catching the infection, then both of them are alike. The significant difference is that paid antivirus software comes with an advanced behavioral monitoring system, and it can detect other new possible jeopardies as well. But on the other hand, if you download free antivirus for PC, then it won’t be able to detect new threats—also, most of the customer’s claim about false warnings from free software.

Let’s now narrow down the list to features because everything starts from it and also ends at it. Free software offers no technical support, which is definitely requisite in the moment of crisis. Also, free antivirus for pcdoesn’t provide a parental control feature that give protection to your kid’s online privacy. If you don’t have this much-required feature, then your kids can be exposed to cyberstalking and cyberbullying.

Now, let’s come straight to the annoying features of free antivirus software; the ceaseless pop-up boxes. These pop-ups keep on directing the customer to buy the paid version of whatever brand’s software they are using. On top of everything, some free programs strive to change the web browser’s home page and default search engine, which exasperates users the most.

On the other hand, paid software is a lot easier to handle as they are easier to install and run.

On the other hand, if you use your laptop once in a week or 15 days, then maybe free antivirus for PC comes handy for you, but you have to be cautious when you are online. You shouldn’t be in much danger to carry on with a free one.

What Can be the Best Antivirus Software for Your Laptop/PC?

The right pick for your system can be defencebyte Antivirus pro since it gives you access to more features that canproficiently secure your system. Advanced firewalls, a password manager is what you get, and the icing on the cake is it has automatic maintenance mechanism. You name the type of protection, and you get it, even network, identity theft and payment protection are provided. The cherry on the cake is defencebyte Antivirus Pro is lightweight and has a user-friendly, simple interface. Furthermore, you can’t ignore its top-notch protection because even being an antivirus software it gives warning to the users regarding malicious websites, links and files. This feature further helps customers to identify and differentiate between legitimate and bogus websites. All in all, it offers a safe and contented web browsing experience, which free antivirus software for PC often fails at providing.


defencebyte provides sure-shot cybersecurity solutions to eliminate catastrophic cyber threats. Our cutting-edge and sophisticated endpoint protection software detects, prevents and responds to cyberattacks proficiently. With our wide-ranging security products, we at defencebyte offers robust security checks and incessant monitoring. In this way, we have introduced an extra layer of defense so that cyber threats stay at bay. All in all, Your System Protection Is Our Responsibility!

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