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Computers are vital as we all perform our day-to-day tasks on it. They keep us all engrossed and also help us in calculating, organizing and managing data. A speedy computer can help us in doing the tasks more easily and hassle-free. But, sometimes, a sudden slowdown of the PC can be frustrating. For this, users remain in search of the best tactics and even a reliable PC Optimizer software. For all those users who remain in the quest of software, choosing the Best Pc Optimizer can be the deal to seal. defencebyte comes up with a miraculous computer optimizer that can help in keeping all the computer activities up-to-date. It is indeed a great help to a computer user to work effortlessly and accomplish tasks within a short time span

Unmatched features of defencebyte Computer Optimizer Software

  •  Blocks unwanted Websites
  • Works as an uninstaller
  • Brilliant Task Manager
  • Tracks CPU usage
  • Active timely Cleaning
  • Augments PC Speed
  • Cleans up computer registry
  • Cleans up Windows cache memory.
  • Can clean Browser’s (i.e. Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer) cache, history and login data.
  • Backup files in .Zip format
  • Easy to set up and run

Well, choosing this amazing software for your PC’s improved performance is not at all a bad idea. This miraculous software by defencebyte comes up with so many features to keep your system running like new.

This steadfast solution by defencebyte can help in keeping all the tasks updated. Browsing online can be a quick activity which otherwise takes long with a lethargic PC. With such a decent working process, this product never fails to settle down the minutest of the online issues that take place.

defencebyte Computer Optimizer Software proves to be a good product and assists users in optimizing the speed of a computer fairly. This incredible product helps in completing tasks smoothly and that too in a shorter span of time. The software comprises extensive technologies to rectify PC issues and common registry malfunctions as well.

It is regarded as the most reliable software that helps in speeding up the PC processes and eliminating unwanted files that restrict the performance. It is probably the most amazing PC Cleaner with the features to look up to. If users want a flawless running computer and faster browsing experience this software can come up to be one of the best PC Optimizer till date.

Supported Operating Systems:

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, both 32bit and 64 bit.

Minimum Hardware Requirements:

CPU: Pentium 233 MHz or above

RAM: 128 MB or above

Disk Space: 500 MB


defencebyte provides sure-shot cybersecurity solutions to eliminate catastrophic cyber threats. Our cutting-edge and sophisticated endpoint protection software detects, prevents and responds to cyberattacks proficiently. With our wide-ranging security products, we at defencebyte offers robust security checks and incessant monitoring. In this way, we have introduced an extra layer of defense so that cyber threats stay at bay. All in all, Your System Protection Is Our Responsibility!

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