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Cryptography and Ransomware are different forms of cyber-attacks. They have no relation or common goal at all. But, from the past few years the people have witnessed, what harm can occur when they are combined. In the year 1989, it was first launched by Dr. Joseph L. Popp saved in a floppy disk. Today’s world knows it in the form of ransomware.

Ransomware is a new trend created by hackers to earn quick money from PC users with no traceable record. Ransomware is a piece of software code, designed to access vital details of the victim. Once it gets inside a device; the malicious code will access computer details saved in it. In place of returning the computer access, the hackers ask for the money.

In layman terms, it is basically blackmailing for money in digital form. This is because it asks for money for allowing computer access to you which they have hacked. Ransomware will lock the computer device in such a way that it will be difficult for the computer user to get out of it, and a popup asking for money will get displayed.

The terrifying thing about ransomware attack is that, unlike a virus infection, it can harm the computer device deprived of any activity on the user side. A virus executes when a user downloads a malicious file or visit a suspicious link, but in case of the ransomware, it can infect a computer device on its own.

To know more about it, some tricks are mentioned in which a device gets infected. 

  • Phishing – Phishing is a tried and tested act of fooling computer users into downloading attached file having malware infection inserted. These files usually come via an email that seems to be genuine, and the document attached is like a form, receipt, or some bill. PDF or Excel file extension appears for the file, but the malicious code is hidden that later gets executed. Once a user downloads and opens the file, the trouble starts. The issue may not begin immediately, either. Malicious codes are designed with functionality to hide in PC to make it quite difficult to find the actual source of infection.
  • Fake Advertising – Another strategy to infect the user computer is through advertisements to launch its malware. The malware attached advertisement is mostly spread from renowned websites. Once the user opens the advertisement URL, the ransomware gets downloaded to the device.

Types of Ransomware Reported

  • Crypto-malware – The most popular version of ransomware; as the name states, this encrypts the files of computer device completely. On getting access to the computer, it corrupts the files in a way that they do not get opened at all. WannaCry, known by everyone is another kind of crypto-malware only. Cryptography concept is being used in this process only.
  • WannaCry – This attack has terrified people across the globe within a few days of being reported. The biggest ransomware of all time, WannaCry was stopped by British security experts, but before getting eradicated it breached 200,000 computer devices all over the globe. The hackers asked for a ransom of $300 to $500 in bitcoins from their targets in lieu of saving their data from being erased completely.
  • Locker – As the name reveals, this ransomware simply locks a user out of its computer completely denying login. The Petya ransomware is one of its versions, that was reported in 2016 and threatened people again in the year 2017 with more devastating features. It uses the method of encrypting the hard disk’s master file to lock the device.

Tips to handle Ransomware Attacks

  1. Use Anti-Ransomware Software, and keep it updated

defencebyte offers a range of security products to protect a computer device from cyber attacks. With the advent of ransomware attacks, defencebyte Anti-Ransomware provides strong as well as robust features to tackle them in a proper manner. The way cyber attackers are working upon their ransomware, defencebyte is also updating its security application to block existing as well as emerging ransomware.

defencebyte Anti-Ransomware works in a multi-tier structure identifying, preventing, and handling any type of ransomware issue. It is capable to clear the ransomware patterns of grave intensity. Install it now for a secure online working and computing performance.

Features of defencebyte Anti-Ransomware   

    • Scans every suspicious URL
    • Scans Hidden Ransomware
    • Easy to Install, setup, and run
  • Easy to Access and Friendly Interface
  • User interface is quite simple and clean
  • Assures automatic and on-time update
  1. Backup data files

It’s vital to carry out regular backups to an external media, whether it’s a USB, hard disk, and cloud storage. The most important step must be back up of important files so that they remain safe from malware attacks. Nowadays, storage is low-priced, and options are multiple to back up the files. Cloud-based services like Dropbox, MEGA, OneDrive and Google Drive are getting popular.

  1. Update Operating System and Apps

Windows operating system’s popups regarding update can be quite irritating for some users, but don’t skip them. Never ignore the updates. Several system updates contain security fixes, and those are very much essential to keep the devices secure. If you are using an outdated OS like Windows Vista that is not backed by Microsoft, then you can face malware threats, hence one should definitely upgrade to the latest operating system. It’s also crucial to update the other software, especially the web browsers and plug-ins.

  1. Safe Network Setup

Sometimes during setup and installing a software application or hardware device, the network is left open that makes it easy to breach. Networking gadgets including routers, switches, and modems must be properly set up to deal with the scenario of getting compromised. Set up Virtual LANs and control it in a way that data gets delivered in a secure manner. VLANs stops suspicious traffic to get inside the network. A secure tunnel of the private network is offered over the public network.

Wrapping up:

Ransomware is a serious threat that is targeting computer devices having a security vulnerability. To be out of such a situation, simply install a reputed security application named defencebyte Anti-Ransomware. It includes innovative features that can block existing as well as emerging ransomware attacks.

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