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Ransomware is an unfortunate event that puts everything at risk. It is the biggest menace that can seriously damage the valuable information stored in the system. Under this, the files under attack get blocked, and this one was to pay ransom to get access to these. This can cause hindrance in the working, and if not proper steps are taken to control it, it can spread to other networks putting everything at stake. One of preventing such a scenario is using the right anti malware free software that will ensure maximum protection to the system. There are certain things that one must practice that can help in preventing such attacks from happening. These are mentioned as below:

  • Avoid clicking on websites or emails that are not verified. This is the most common way of a ransomware attack as it starts downloading when you click on spam emails. Once into your system, they will encrypt the valuable data and will only set it free when you pay a hefty amount, mostly in the form of bitcoin or other such cryptocurrencies that cannot be traced. Under such a situation, the person is feeling helpless and considers paying the amount but remember that there is no guarantee that they will not attack again. Hence it is thereby important to be proactive.
  • Another way of preventing such an attack is by not opening the untrusted email attachment. One must open only those that are confirmed and whose email address can be verified. If you find something suspicious about the email attachment, it is; therefore, better to ignore it as the opening of it will lead to malware entering your system.
  • Ransomware attacks can also take place when you download files from untrusted sites. Thus, only trust the known and trusted sites that you have already heard of or used. One can verify the site by looking at the lock symbol in the address bar. The sites with symbols can be trusted by the users.
  • One of the smartest ways of preventing this attack is the use of content filtering on your mails, as it will reduce the chance of spam mail reaching your inbox.
  • Keeping the software updated will reduce your chances of a ransomware attack. This is because, with each update, the software and security system become more advanced and secure, which makes it difficult for the crooks to get access to your system.
  • Backing up of data is very integral in case of any ransomware attack; the valuable data will be secure. Make sure that all the data is backed up on external storage, and also ensure that you do not leave it connected with a computer. This is because if a ransomware attack is to happen, then it will encrypt the backup data also, which will create a difficult situation for you.

These are some of the ways through which one can prevent from ransomware attack from happening, but even taking all the precautions, there could be a slight chance of this attack happening. The use of antivirus antimalware can help you to avoid such scenarios.

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However, even if something like this happens then, one must be prepared with a plan. There are certain steps that one must undertake when a ransomware attack happens. These are mentioned as below:

  • Isolate: When under a ransomware attack, the first line of action is to isolate the affected system. This is because the ransomware encrypts the files that are stored on the network and will be trying to do the same thing with other systems. Thus, isolating is very crucial to contain the infection to that system only.
  • Secure Backup: The next line of action is to secure your backup data as the chances are ransomware crooks will try to infect them too, so that you have no option but to pay a hefty amount to them. To do so, the user must disconnect the backups from the business network or lock down the access to the backup system until this issue is resolved. There is no way one can afford to lose the backup data.
  • Disable Tasks: The businesses must disable the maintenance tasks. This is because these tasks can intervene with other essential files that are integral for the investigation process.
  • Backup of the infected system: After the infected system has been isolated, the next step is to back up the infected system so that you are prepared in advance if something goes wrong during the decryption process.
  • Quarantine: Many users reformat the infected system, but this is not the right step as it will not disclose anything about the strain or source of a ransomware attack and will lead to wastage of efforts. Instead, one must quarantine the system so that there is no hindrance in the investigation process and the strain of ransomware can be easily detected.
  • Investigation: The next step is to investigate the source of infection as it provides valuable information about the extent of infection. This is an important step as it will not only help in resolving the current situation but will also ensure that nothing such sort of happens in the future.
  • Strain: Ransomware strain is crucial to be identified as it will make the work of decrypting files easy. Once this is identified, the task of finding the decrypting tool can also be undertaken.
  • Decision: The last and important step is to arrive at a decision. This step arises when after taking all the necessary actions, nothing could be achieved. This happens when the backups are damaged, and there is no way you can decrypt the files. Then it is time to decide whether to pay the ransom or not. However, one must keep in mind that the option of paying the ransom is to opt when all other options have been exhausted.

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These are steps that one must take when under a ransomware attack. These steps will help to avoid any chaos in such a situation and will ensure that you get back to normal working as soon as possible. The use of anti ransomware software can further help you to be extra prepared and secured from such attacks.


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