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Registry cleaners also called registry scanners are the Windows registry repair programs that deal with the issues related to Windows registry.  Registry cleaner can only fix different issues related to Windows registry only.

There are people who may have concern about registry cleaners like what these utilities are and what types of problems they fix and why should one have such utility on their device. Let me tell you, registry is one of the most important part of Windows that has impact on what is working and what is not working while one is interacting with the Windows 7/Windows 10 machine.

Kinds of computer problems you can expect from a registry cleaner program to fix automatically are resolving error messages about missing files often. Best registry cleaners are good at resolving missing files errors, especially those that Windows users comes across as Windows starts up but it is easy to clear with a cancel or OK click. These errors often appear because Windows Registry references a file that it is not able to find on the corresponding computer. There are two common reason for encountering this situation: uninstallation routine that were not finished properly or incompletely removed malware.


To deal with the second issue, download and install antivirus and antimalware tool to take care of the executable(s) responsible for the actual infection, meaning the virus, Trojan horse, ransomware, worm, or other malicious software so that they can no longer do any damage to your device and the information stored on it. So, improperly and incompletely removed malware isn’t concerned as their corresponding software are meant to take care of that. The matter of concern is, sort of justifyovers in the registry.

justifyovers in the Windows registry are like a bit of harmless evidences after a crime took place. Improperly uninstalled software hamper functioning of a Windows 7/10 computer in a proper way. This may be due to you did not let a program to uninstall completely and the software’s programmers didn’t code the uninstall process in a way it should, or in other case it may be possible that you tried to remove the program manually instead of following the proper uninstallation process. These are the scenarios that may lead to registry keys to reflect the message that files aren’t around anymore.

To find out just these sorts of “useless” keys, there are registry cleaning utilities which are specialized tools for the same and they are one of the parts of an arsenal of troubleshooting steps at your disposal. However, out of many useful troubleshooting steps, registry cleaning using registry cleaner is one. With a good utility, it is possible to fix number of errors and issues, but there may be a situation and case that they may not end up fixing the problem. For example, an uninstaller utility may prove a better tool with an uninstall process that isn’t/didn’t work correctly. There is different software meant to resolve different purposes.

To fix and resolve a specific error message, you need to follow the required troubleshooting steps that the utility demands. There are many advanced and aggressive registry cleaner programs made to fix a long list of computer problems so don’t go for a registry scanner and cleaner that fix only a short list of problems. There are few issues that a registry cleaning utility cannot fix including computer startup problem, Blue Screen of Death, or every issue that Windows reports so don’t get fooled by the developers that claim the same. It may be possible that registry cleaning does not speed up your computer. Every program is not design and build same and often the registry cleaners are promoted by putting emphasis on one of the benefits of these programs that may or may not serve the user.

Though, registry cleaner and registry repair software may resolve most of your problems related to Windows registry, but it doesn’t’ mean that registry cleaning is a panacea for every sort computer’s ill that Windows registry is encountering with. It is the features of registry scanner and cleaner that are the most important part of the software and without them you have to do nothing with program. To resolve most frequent issue of the users related to the registry, registry cleaners have morphed into overall “system cleaners” now-a-days and they do not only remove unused registry key here and there, but also remove temporary files, browser download histories, MRU lists, and more.

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