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Have you heard about ‘rootkit’ before?  This is the sneakiest malware as of today. Initially the rootkits were created for UNIX operating system. It is a program which is quite ludicrous to any user of PC, even administrator can’t detect it. Rootkits attempts to hide itself, other files or computer data and tries utmost to make these invisible on the computer. The most significant issue is that by using advanced technology rootkits intercept command in such a way that system users will be totally under its control. This provides a golden opportunity for the hackers to carry on their criminal activities as they will generally replace common operating system files in order to evade the system administration and keep them in dark about their activities.


Rootkits can easily take control of the directories, configuration files, and windows registry keys making the system administrator work nastier. Although the success of rootkits lies in remaining undetected but some sneaking points instigate the users to investigate their PCs. Most of the virus are programmed well which makes fighting difficult but rootkits lack programming, hence it can be controlled quite well.

The technological advancement brings about more and more anti rootkit programs or ARKs. Some popular Windows ARKs like RootRepeal, GMER and defencebyte Antivirus Pro helps to scan the computer programs for potential rootkit danger, but the user should be familiar with this type of interpretation. So, there is no way left for rootkits to remain invisible.

Cyber-crime is very familiar to us. Hackers are using more sophisticated virus to make money through cyber-crime. Rootkits act as an important medium for these hackers as they use it to hide money making virus, making it difficult for traditional anti-virus program or anti-virus to remove them. Sometimes hackers use it as automatic money-making machine by penetrating through the system.

Besides negative impacts, rootkits have some positive aspects also. It can be used for Digital Rights Management Protection. The rootkit technology helps to hide original files and thus not seen by anti-piracy programs. Amazing but true, some anti-virus programs use this powerful technique to help protect the computer from potential dangers.

Strong ARKs are available in the market to protect your PCs so no more rootkit fear, only thing required is to equip yourself with knowledge to find rootkits on time.

Tools Required to fix RootKit Virus:

Methodology for RootKit Virus Removal:

This methodology consists a number of steps, but stay relax they are quite simple to follow up! These steps are crafted to offer you perfect insight of the complete process. However, it is advised to take a hard copy of all steps and close every running program in the system as it needs to get restarted at later stages.

To begin with, download security application defencebyte Antivirus Pro to proceed the scanning work for any virus application that might be hidden in your PC. The link below will redirect to defencebyte website.

defencebyte Antivirus Pro Download Link (Download page will open in a new window)

  1. Once downloading is done, close all the applications opened on the computer device.
  2. Now open the icon on your desktop by double clicking. This method will begin the installation in your computer device.
  3. When installation starts, continue following the notifications for appropriate installation process. Never do any kind of changes to factory settings. After security software has been installed, the user must open it. In the end, tap on the Finish button, to verify defencebyte application runs in the correct way.
  4. defencebyte Antivirus Pro will launch and it will appear on the screen like –

Next click on the Scan button to start PC scan. Sometimes if update related to defencebyte is appearing, the download and installation will automatically take place before the scan begins.

  1. defencebyte Antivirus Pro will check device deeply for any kind of virus infection harming the system. This process requires some time for sure so simply hang on for a while and keep an eye on the status.

  1. After completing the whole scanning work, the virus scanned will be displayed on your screen.

Now click Clean button to remove all the virus infection that comes. The defencebyte Antivirus Pro will now start clearing all the files that seems dubious. In this stage, a boot up of device might be required to remove malevolent files. Just let the reboot process to start if it appears on the screen. If a message is shown mentioning reboot needed, please do that. Follow the instructions after the PC has been rebooted and the user is signed in.
7. Next, close the defencebyte Antivirus Pro program.
8. It will be quite difficult to get rid of RootKit virus without resetting the web browsers appropriately.
Follow the required steps to reset web browser to default settings. This method will clear all add-ons, toolbars, and extensions for sure.
• Chrome
• Internet Explorer
• Firefox
Reset Google Chrome Browser:
In the initial stages, reset Google Chrome to the company settings to clear RootKit virus fully. After following these instructions, all the data from your web browser will be cleared for instance homepage, saved info, browsing history and cookies while the bookmarks will be saved.
Initially, click on the Chrome’s button in the top right corner of the screen. The main menu will get opened for Chrome browser –


Next, tap on the settings at menu option by clicking on the arrow marked in the image. This opens the settings on the display monitor. You wilAdvanced Settings at the bottom.


Immediately Click on Show Advanced Settings to launch advanced setting. At the bottom, a reset button will be available.


In the next step, tap on Reset settings as shown. Chrome will come with a confirmation box that displays- Are you sure to reset the web browser or not?


Press the Reset button. Chrome will permanently delete all personal data, and history for sure. Your bookmarks will be saved and will be available for future.

Reset Internet Explorer Browser:

To get rid of RootKit virus in one go, the resetting of the internet explorer is very much required. With the steps, all your personal facts will be cleared. This method will also make the toolbar disabled, but bookmarks will stay same for guaranteed.

Open start and open Internet Explorer for complete reset. After that the main menu of Internet Explorer will appear on the screen for sure-


Immediately Press the menu option and internet option will be there.


Click on the Advanced tab as given, that will open the Advanced Settings.


Press Reset to get a dialog box asking for your approval to reset Internet Explorer.


Now place check mark over Delete personal settings. Internet Explorer surely clears all your personal data and deactivate the ad-on. Bookmarks will surely be saved and can be accessed any moment.


Once the reset is done, press the Close button immediately. Just restart the Internet Explorer to end the reset job. Properly follow the guidelines once Internet Explorer has started. Now to remove RootKit virus properly, the user needs to reset the company settings. By this step all personal data will be eliminated. This will deactivate the toolbar, but all bookmarks will stay saved definitely.

Reset Mozilla Firefox Browser:

To reset Firefox browser, the user must open the Firefox browser and open menu in the right position of the monitor. The main menu for Firefox will appear-


Now press question mark as presented by the arrow button in the image given above.


Click on the arrow pointing to Troubleshooting Information. Press the Troubleshooting button later on-


Press Refresh button to start the refresh work. Later on, a confirmation box will come up asking whether you’d like to do a refresh.


Just press Refresh button to check refreshing of Firefox. After the refreshing work is done, a new Window will come up. Firefox will shoot up again and it has been refreshed already.


Your computer device is now fully free from RootKit virus attack. Your device will be more protected now with installation of defencbyte Antivirus Pro application. In case of any issue with the defencebyte Antivirus Pro 24/7 toll-free number is provided for help desk services to resolve any of the further security concerns.