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There are millions of Internet users worldwide and it is a big challenge to keep their information safe and secure in the digital space. With the growth of the internet, privacy concerns are at the top of the list and this risk is increasing with the increasing number of internet users. The growth in online trade and commerce crossing international boundaries along with data exchange. Privacy is an important concern not because of criminal hacking, but also because of keeping the track of how small and large business are using customer data and information.

privacy shield softwareWhat is privacy shield and what is the requirement of installing it?

Privacy shield are the PC programs that are developed in an effort to better serve the need of data and information security and privacy. Risk gets increased when data cross the border specially when it is related to trade and commerce. Privacy shield is the framework that provides the valuable security to the consumer information.

PC Privacy Shield is a software tool which works as a data privacy shield that you can install on your device to wipe out your online digital footprint, including browsing history, chat records and file usage. PC Privacy framework shields and cleans specific/all information (according to your choice) and also may enable false/dummy information embedded within the history files.

There are many vendors in the market who offer computer privacy shield applications and framework and you can use one as per your requirement. Computer screen privacy shield and computer monitor privacy shieldcan be used not only to defend your information from fishing, but also cover tracks if needed. Computer Privacy Shield keeps your PC clean by deleting instant messages/chat history or any other previous chat records. PC privacy shield programs have the feature to delete login credentials and send alert notification in real time if browser is trying to login. Depending on the version built, privacy shield software applications may allow a fully automated mode in which the user can create a specific schedule to software to automatically protect privacy or users may select particular categories to be scanned and cleaned.

At times, computer screen privacy shield may process that data, hold on to it for a while or undetermined amounts of time, utilize it for analytics and metrics and, or even pass it on for other purposes to third parties.

Why privacy shield is important for consumers and businesses?

The privacy shield framework operates as a set of rules to deny the unauthorized network and device to access the data. It provides kind of security to block unfair and deceptive acts and creates an easy pathway for genuine traffic coming from different sources. This provides a way to prohibit activities like data breaching using the set of protocols of privacy shield framework.

It is important to have a privacy shield installed on the PC as different business including social media platforms, collect their users’ and clients’ data in different ways for different reasons. However, they may be bound under the data protection directives and specific law to limit the way they collect data. Some businesses and government organizations may collect the data and information for surveillance or monitoring purposes. It is not only the trade purpose, companies and organizations collect data across international borders, in some cases, companies like Google or Facebook, collect and process tremendous amounts of user data for varied purposes. Similarly, the government and their organizations may monitor some of that data or even collect it for different purposes or for any particular one.


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