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The best method to assess driver update software is to check how well each application identify and updates the drivers. To check this, we added some out of date drivers in a PC. We then installed the driver update software, run computer scanner and checked the number of errors it identified. It’s basically quite simple.

Driver update software

Driver update software

Meanwhile Windows 10 by default runs driver updates thus the chances of outdated drivers are not present on this Windows 10 operating system. For that, we tested driver update software on a computer having Windows 7 operating system. This outdated version can also update drivers by the Windows 7 Update approach but not with the similar effectiveness like the Windows 10 operating system.

Once the software recognized and analyzed the outdated software drivers, we found the resolution process each program offered for updating them. Mainly, we found if the program revealed each driver’s version data and the cause of anything innovative it would download.

None of the driver software found the outdated drivers on our PC. In reality, the best performing application, defencebyte free Driver Updater, found maximum number of outdated drivers. Just consider that for a while the best performing application in our tests found 85 percent of the outdated driver software it should have.

Simple to Use

The technical experts also use driver update software, and you’re always going to get these applications on an IT experts PC. This driver software is designed for every sort of computer users. By itself, defencebyte free Driver Updater is easy to install and use. The best product it is that provide more customization options.

All the driver update software we tested have latest interfaces, with big, clearly mentioned buttons. Most of the free driver updater can also restore and backup your old drivers, which is important if the application downloads the inappropriate update. Furthermore, you may not like to update every driver software, so being able to eliminate them is significant.

We also observed carefully at the source of the free Driver Updater. When you’re dealing with driver software that controls your PC at a system level, everything requires to be protected and the sources must be genuine. For instance, if you’re updating the Dell printer’s driver, it should come from Dell only. It’s a big danger sign if the free Driver Updater suggests another source as it may not download the appropriate driver or it might download infectious software.

It’s also not unusual for free Driver Updater to include malware or bloatware into their code. If an application asks you to install additional software during the installation, then you should immediately decline. If it looks to install other software application without asking, stop the installation immediately.

Features of defencebyte Driver Updater Software

  1. Lowers freezing & crashing

defencebyte Driver Updater Software scan all your drivers and recommend to reduce:

  • Connectivity errors
  • Crashes & errors
  • PC freezes
  • Printer errors
  • Slow mouse movements
  1. Increases browsing & downloading speed

defencebyte Driver Updater Software ensure your PC can keep up with you

  • Resolves a sluggish Wi-Fi connection problem.
  • Helps fix slow connection errors.
  • Increases browsing, streaming, & downloading speed.
  • Inserts new features for better performance.
  1. Increases gaming performance & smooths video playback

defencebyte Driver Updater Software increase gaming & video streaming

  • Check for the latest graphics drivers to help you in smoother gaming, streaming, and video editing. For instance, some videos have shown an increase in pixels rate by up to 100%.
  1. Enjoy richer, Dolby audio

defencebyte Driver Updater Software easily fix sound issues

  • Regularly update the sound drivers and your applications to make sure audio quality is good, whether you’re listening to music or playing any video.
  1. By-default scans
  • defencebyte Driver Updater Software auto scan your PC for outdated, missing, or malicious drivers.
  1. Identifies 100,000+ drivers
  • defencebyte Driver Updater Software checks more than 100,000 drivers and software updates for users.
  1. Always up-to-date
  • defencebyte Driver Updater Software dynamic online database scans PC in real-time, in order to provide latest drivers every time to users.
  1. Uses official drivers
  • defencebyte Driver Updater Software checks for the official drivers from the major brands.
  1. Selects the best drivers for you
  • defencebyte Driver Updater Software setup a unique profile of your computer to make sure you get the appropriate drivers.
  1. Backs up your drivers
  • defencebyte Driver Updater Software takes screenshots of your PC’s drivers and helps you restore undesirable changes.
  1. Lower down the hardware issues
  • defencebyte Driver Updater Software installs drivers one by one to lower down any hardware troubles.

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