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You might want to consider upgrading your Windows PC if it isn’t capable of running your favourite apps or games.

However, that won’t probably be needed. You can do certain things to fix the issue until you decide to upgrade to a new machine.

Here, we share the top performance tweaks to help you get the most out of your Windows 10 computer so that you can run your favourite programs without hassle.

  • Go for Disk Cleanup and get rid of temporary files—

It is vital that there is sufficient disk space in Windows so that it allows normal operation and quality updates. Windows will notify the user whenever the computer’s system drive runs out of free space. File Explorer will also indicate that there is a shortage of space by turning the colour in the free space bar at the disk icon to red.

Back up your files to a physical drive-in order to make some space available. Windows 10 File History automatically backs up files to a location on the network or a removable drive. Open the Settings app, go to Update & Security, and finally to Backup to turn File History on.

install and scan

  • Make use of these two Windows 10 features—

Windows 10 has 2 features to help you manage your disk space. One is Storage Sense which automatically deletes temporary files. You can find it under system> Storage in the Settings app. Storage Sense gets automatically run when Windows determines that the availability of space is too low. However, Storage Sense can be configured to run daily or weekly. It can also be configured to delete older files and temporary files permanently. Storage Space has the option to free the Downloads folder of unnecessary files if they have been older than a set time limit.

The other feature is Disk Cleanup which can be found under system> Storage in the Settings app. Click on Free up space now to scan your drive. Windows will allow you to remove temporary files such as setup logs or temporary internet files. When you log in as a regular user and want to clean up the system file, you can access Windows 10 Disk Cleanup from File Explorer. Right-click a disk and select Properties. Disk Cleanup can be found under the tab that reads “General.” To clean up your system files, you will need an administrator username and password.

  • Using an automated driver update software—

Bad performance is often caused by outdated drivers. This means that your hardware components aren’t working optimally. To automatically update your drivers to the most compatible version, you can use a free driver update tool. There are many options; choose what suits your purpose the best. There are free options available as well. Different options come with different features. Some even come with voice assistants to help you through every step of updating your PC drivers.

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  • Check the internet connectivity—

Also, your Wi-Fi connection is the main culprit for slow internet speeds. It can be hard to get a steady signal in apartment buildings due to channel congestion or overlapping Wi-Fi signals. Two features are available on most routers these days that will increase your connection’s stability and speed. The options are wired and wireless. It is easy to set up a wired connection. All you have to do is buy an Ethernet cable and plug it in. It is simple to change the channel of a router and doesn’t require any detailed explanation.

  • You can also use computer cleaning software—

Cleaner PCs will result in smoother performances. A dedicated PC cleaner program will keep your computer running smoothly. There are many free and premium PC cleaners on the market. You can pick one based on your needs. There are free versions available too. You can go for such a free pc cleaning software if you don’t need unnecessary advanced features. To zero in on the best one, you just need a little research.

  • Managing the automatic launch of apps—

To manage troublesome or unneeded programs, use the Windows 10 Task Manager.

Windows automatically launches when you turn on your computer. This includes a lot of background utilities and applications. This automatic launch is meant to ensure apps are ready to go as soon as Windows loads.

However, it can slow down the computer’s start-up process as all the programs open simultaneously. The system does not indicate to the user which programs are included in its automatic start-up list.

Right-click on the taskbar to have more control over which programs load. Choose Task Manager from a pop-up menu. You’ll find the programs and utilities that will start when Windows starts. Switch to the Start-up tab. To stop them from launching automatically in the future, click on the Disable button against an app. You can still access the applications you are interested in manually, and they won’t be deleted from your computer.


We recommend that you disable only those apps that you recognize—the ones you don’t use right away. You can always launch them later if they don’t start with your operating system. You can do a quick internet search to find out more information about the entries and decide if you want them now or later.

Extraneous programs can slow down the system’s launch. Switch to the Processes tab while you are in Task Manager. This will allow you to see which programs are using the most memory and CPU time. This way, you can manage better.

Windows 10 users often grumble about speed issues linked to their computer’s operation. But this is not a problem that would need you to change your system. This issue can be easily resolved with just a little adjustment made to the PC.

Whether you get the best pc booster or make a small tweak in your system, do something when your Windows 10 computer gets slow. And now that you know the best ways to improve your PC speed, there is no reason you would feel clueless in this regard.


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