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With the increasing number of online threats, it becomes necessary to safeguard our online privacy too. The online issues like these often create some really threatening situations where our data and privacy get affected miserably. What we all can do is to maintain a strong cover that can help in securing personal data and identity. Gone are the days when we used to browse the web without any special kind of defense. But now we have an ample amount of techniques and software that can be used effectually. One of the best is using defencebyte Privacy Shield software. It actually fulfills all the Privacy Shield Requirements perfectly.

Why Choose Privacy Shield software by defencebyte?

Choosing Privacy Shield software by defencebyte has come up to be the wisest choice. Many individuals have used it and experienced significant changes in respect to their online presence. Created with vast technologies, this software is able to combat many issues that can erupt while doing anything online. Below, we will be discussing some features of this amazing software:

  1. Cleans PC File History
  • Removes both online and offline browsing history
  • Records of all recently used files and apps are wiped
  • Viewed online activities are removed securely

Privacy Shield Requirements

  1. Wipes Internet Browsing History
  • Eliminates every online activity securely
  • Helps in wiping all the traces
  • Limits unknown users from knowing what users browsed.
  1. Thorough Privacy Protection
  • Gives comprehensive privacy protection
  • Cleans track records from the browser
  • Passwords & usernames can’t be stalked
  1. All Popular Browsers Supported
  • Supports the top five web browsers
  • Promises full scan
  • Removes all exposed files and information
  • Cleans tracking cookies
  1. Schedule Cleaning
  • Easy scheduling
  • Automatically runs cleaning to save time
  1. IM & Chat Records compatible
  • Comprises intense cleaning of chats and IM history
  • Records of messages and calls are deleted
  1. Personalized Anonymity Preferences
  • Simple preferences setup
  • Eliminates apps & information from the common system cleaning process.

Relieving oneself from such issues can certainly help in keeping everything secure from the hands of hackers. When you have a software like this, nothing can seem so complex. You just need to be proficient enough to handle the issues and play the trick by using the best software. If we see them there is nothing scarier than those spying eyes. Our important and most valuable data is on a stake. The way we used to secure your data earlier is not at all the scene today. With the rapidly increasing online issues, there comes a need to have a proper Privacy Shield Framework.

Vital tips to follow

Without having the best of techniques and solutions, nothing can be so helpful in maintaining privacy and security. Other than using the software, it is a must to follow some useful tips that can help in maintaining privacy online:

  • By using strong yet secure passwords
  • By using a Password Manager
  • By not clicking the unknown links
  • By locking down your social networks
  • By looking for a secure connection
  • By using a VPN connection
  • By blocking cookies

So, for keeping all your online presence out dangerous online activity, it is important to choose PC Security Software by defencebyte. Along with this, following the best way-outs can certainly be fruitful as well. The above-mentioned pointers if followed religiously can be really beneficial for the security of vital data. All the Privacy Shield Requirements can only get fulfilled to keep everything secure.