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The more advanced and cutting-edge your operating system will be, the higher will be the chances of facing snags and glitches. Despite enjoying the brand-newsleeklaptop/PC new layout and updated features, you may suffer from slow performance. There are times when you have no idea why your laptop is running slow. Therefore, it is crucial to figure out what is triggering your laptop/PC to behave like this. If you have already tried rebooting your laptop/pc and waited for an absurdly long time to load the files, then don’t worry. If this quick-remedy didn’t work out, then it doesn’t mean nothing will ever work out for you. Bear in mind, you are not alone, and every one of us at some point of time has gone through this frustration stage. To bring up the speed back, you have to clean up your slow PC. If you want to avoid anticipated issues like these, then read this blog further because we have compiled a list of several reasons that will tell you why your laptop is running slow and why all of a sudden it is behaving in a strange manner. It’s high time to Clean up Your Slow PC and To Fix the Troublesome Issue.

Here’s the reasons why your Laptop is running slow

Reason 1: Too Many Startup Programs Running

If this is the cause, then your pc will take a long time to start up and will also freeze during boot.You can fix it by disabling some applications that automatically run on startup. First of all, press Windows Key + X in order to bring up the Quick Link menu. After that, click on Task Manager. And in the next step, open Task Manager and after that, click on the Startup Tab. Subsequently, look through the list of programs that run on startup and look for the programs you don’t need or would never use in the foreseeable future. Now, right-click on the program and after that, click on Disable. Now, keep on repeating this process for all the programs that are using extra resources on startup. If you find this whole process time consuming, then you can count on defencebyte computer optimizer software for the same.

Reason 2: When Your Hard Drive Is Low on Space

One of the significant reason for a laptop running slow is low space on Hard Drive. The speed of your PC will stoop down if your hard drive reaches 95% capacity. Temporary files consume the storage which causes the OS to run improperly. If you want to fix this issue, then find what’s taking up the most space on your C drive and delete the unwanted files. Also, to speed up the process, you can use a computer optimizer software. First of all, open storage in Windows Explorer and then click on ‘This PC’ option. Get rid of temporary files in order to make sure you have more space on the hard drive. Now, select the folder from the categories: Temporary files, Apps and Games and Other. At last, delete the file by selecting it and then click on Delete option.

Reason 3: Power Plan

If your laptop is brand new and holds a great battery life, but if the problem is, it cannot perform well when you use a lot of applications and browsers. Thus, there are chances that your laptop may be on the battery saver and recommended mode. In order to maximize performance, please change it to High-performance mode. First of all, type in Power Options in your Windows 10 search bar. After that, open Edit power plan in the Control Panel. Now, click on Change Advanced Power Settings in the lower-left corner. Subsequently, choose High Performance and then click on Ok option. This will help to boost your PC performance as it will intensify your CPU speed.

Reason 4: Corrupted System Files

Last but the not the least reason for the computer running slow is driver errors, blue or black screen basically it is known as the death of screen. You have two ways to combat this issue. The very first is the System File Checker, and the second one is the Deployment Image Service and Management Tool. First of all, type PowerShell in the Windows Search Bar and once the desktop application pops up, then right-click and select Run as administrator option. After that, type in dism.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth in the Windows. Afterwards, click on Enter option, and then DISM will begin finding corrupt files. Once you get access to the list of corrupted files, then finally delete them and get rid of the apprehensions.


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