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Facts You Need to Know About Antivirus Software

Viruses do not affect the human body only, but also the computers. Yes! The computer virus is the digital form. The virus destroys the immunity of the human body. In the same way, the digital virus also destroys computer functions. We take anti-viral drugs to combat the virus in our bodies. We can also provide an antivirus to the computer. This antivirus is not a drug but software. The antivirus software gives protection to the computer from digital threats like a virus. These threats come from unknown digital sources.

The antivirus antimalware software gives the overall and ultimate protection to all threats to the computers. They give protection to all malicious kinds of software. It works well for almost all reputed operating systems like Microsoft and iOS. DefenceByte provides the ultimate protection to the computer operating system against all malicious software, including viruses. DefenceByte possesses all products related to computer protection. An Anti-ransomware system by DefenceByte ensures complete and comprehensive protection to all your systems and computers.

Cyber Security

What They Actually Do?

The anti-ransomware performs several roles in protecting your PC and another digital system. It scans the malicious ransomware that is not public or is hidden. Access to this antivirus software is quite easy and also easy to install. They do not occupy much space on the computer and are lightweight. You need not worry about its installation time. The installation time is pre-scheduled, and the installation automatically starts after scanning. The anti-ransomware software gives

protection to the computer and also the networks. The installation followed by running of the software is also easy to perform.

This software also detects the malicious files present in the computer. There are situations when we tend to bug online goods, and certain pop-ups appear on the website during this procedure. Accepting such random offers may pose serious threats to the computer and your stored files also. DefenceByte ensures your safe online shopping as they block such unwanted malicious programs to harm your computer. It is the complete solution to all your threats associated with the cyber world. It performs its functions not only swiftly but efficiently with less interface of time. You also need not worry about the update of the antivirus and anti-ransomware on your computer. DefenceByte makes sure to provide a completely digital and automatic update. Even if you forget about the update, this software will automatically update itself within the scheduled time.

Anti Ransomeware

Advantages of Anti-ransomware Software:

  • One of the greatest advantages of the anti ransomware software is its multilayer functioning. The antivirus and anti-ransomware software by DefenceByte can function with its multiple layers. This increases the efficiency of the protection of this software. The detection, prevention, and remediation of the virus and the malicious software are effectively carried out.
  • The software can help in the continuous detection of malicious software. They can keep continuous track of various online processes like encryption of files, registry key modification. The software blocks the ransomware activities during the execution of these computer operations.
  • The anti-ransomware software can detect the pattern of ransomware modification. They can do this detection for the pre-execution state and also for the run-time mode.
  • Effective remediation is also carried out. This effective function can be found in the antivirus and anti-ransomware software. This software not only detects the malicious files and software but also helps in storage utilization. This is because the software detects the malicious junk files in the computer storage and cleans up the entire system. This prevents all the suspected threats of the computer.
  • The ease of installation makes the use of antivirus software user-friendly. A person who is not technologically advanced can also access the anti-ransomware software.

advantages of anti ransomeware

Tips to Choose the Best Antivirus and Anti-ransomware Software:

  • The first step is to choose the antivirus software that has high detection and blockage rate. However, it should not slow down the efficiency rate of the anti-ransomware software in the computer. Each antivirus software has a predefined database of inbuilt and known malware. Their function is to compare each of the scanned files to the contents of the inbuilt database.
  • The heuristic analysis can mark the efficiency and quality of good antivirus software. This antivirus can detect comparatively safe and common software like Chrome as malware if it behaves like one. The reason for identifying the safe operating system as malware if it is not recognized by the inbuilt database of the antivirus software.
  • Antivirus software that is designed for frequent and automatic updates are good to choose. Choose the software that would have the cleaning properties. This is because many antivirus software makes the overall functioning of the computer slow. The existing malicious software can slow down the efficient functioning of the computer. Choose the antivirus software that can help in cleaning the malicious files and software. They can also help in speeding up the overall functioning of the computer system.
  • Go for the anti-ransomware software that is easy to install. Many antivirus software available in the market has several complicated steps of installation. Installing them following such a complex process causes a waste of energy and time. It is important to follow some simple steps and install them on the computer. The use of such software should also be easy and simple. This will allow more people to use them for better security.
  • Use the antivirus software that has the facility of removing the malware from the computer. It should not detect the malicious software and files but also remove the ones. The antivirus software should block and remove the malicious files and software. This will affect the overall function of the computer. Some software may come as a whole solution of security against web viruses and malicious agents. They can also be downloaded as a separate piece of software.

Choose antivirus software with anti-ransomware software. This will give ultimate protection. This combination would not allow any file encryption. If you want to get the perfect amalgamation of both, choose DefenceByte.


defencebyte provides sure-shot cybersecurity solutions to eliminate catastrophic cyber threats. Our cutting-edge and sophisticated endpoint protection software detects, prevents and responds to cyberattacks proficiently. With our wide-ranging security products, we at defencebyte offers robust security checks and incessant monitoring. In this way, we have introduced an extra layer of defense so that cyber threats stay at bay. All in all, Your System Protection Is Our Responsibility!

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