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Today, in a world where all information can be stored on a single device and sent across the globe in seconds, personal computer security is more important than ever. Without proper care and safeguards that protect against theft or data exploitation, one’s entire life’s work could be compromised. Whether one is concerned about national government agencies spying on international citizens or simply wants to make sure nobody steals their social media passwords, one can take steps to prevent computer hacking and avoid digital security breaches.

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Let’s begin by looking at some of the ways one’s digital identities are keeping them from being safe from hackers.

  • Cloud storage services store data online for easy access from any internet-connected device. Unfortunately, this convenience makes them an easy target for data theft. Make sure the files one stores in cloud storage programs are encrypted to prevent them from being accessed by unauthorized persons, and only access these services with a trusted VPN service.
  • Make sure to install good computer cleaner software to use the maximum capacity of one’s computer. The computer cleaner software free up space on one’s drive by deleting old junk files and any other files which one doesn’t need any more.
  • In today’s world, apps can be downloaded from any online app store that serves one’s personal needs, but this might not always be as safe as it sounds. Hackers constantly create new ways to promote malware through download sites, so make sure the app is legitimate before clicking download. Be especially cautious if an app asks for permission to access sensitive information or features on one’s device because risky permissions could indicate malicious intent by the software developer.
  • Web browsers are responsible for serving up web pages to your device, and for many people, this means the browser serves as the primary access point for all internet activity. Whether they use any browser, make sure one’s web browser has a reputable antivirus/anti-malware program installed to scan downloaded files before they’re allowed to be used on one’s device.

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  • As mentioned previously, cloud storage services are an easy target for hackers looking to steal valuable information. Luckily there’s a way to protect one from data leaks by encrypting their own data before uploading it in a cloud service. This will protect it from being accessed even if the online storage is compromised, so be sure to upload only encrypted files when possible.
  • One of the most common internet scams is a phishing attempt. When a malicious party attempts to gain access to personal information from them through falsified emails or instant messages, it’s known as a phishing scam. There are many ways these scams can try and get the user to input sensitive information, so be sure to know what a phishing scam looks like before giving out one’s personal data.
  • Privacy is especially important when making online purchases because credit card numbers and addresses could easily fall into dangerous hands if it gets compromised in any way. To keep this valuable data safe, simply use a prepaid debit card instead of a traditional credit card during all online transactions. This will prevent hackers from being able to access one’s banking account even if they have breached all other security protocols on the website one is using.
  • It’s also important to be on the lookout for any website that asks you to verify your password before entering sensitive information; this is a red flag because it could mean they want one to input their password so they can find out what it is and access all of their data. Always make sure one is securing data on trusted websites before clicking “save” or “update” on any new content.
  • Just because one doesn’t have an antivirus program installed doesn’t mean they are safe from viruses or other forms of malware. Many infections are caused by opening emails containing attachments that aren’t known to be trusted, so never click on suspicious-looking emails no matter how quickly they need a reply. Some email applications come with built-in scanning software, but it’s usually safer to simply avoid these kinds of emails altogether if possible.
  • If one is using public Wi-Fi services as they would at the airport or coffee shop, it might seem like connecting is the only way to use the internet since they don’t have a traditional network connection. This is a big mistake because public Wi-Fi is insecure by nature and can allow any hacker who is also using these public networks to gain access to their device and steal personal data without one knowing about it.
  • It seems like new malware or viruses appear every month. If one is concerned with staying up on current trends in the digital security community, sign up for subscriptions with highly reputable blogs that specialize in reporting security issues. Make sure to visit their sites frequently for updates as well as subscribing to email notifications so new articles will be delivered directly to one’s inbox as soon as they’re posted online.
  • Some people mistakenly assume web browsers are secure enough, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. In addition to preventing malware installation with a good antivirus program, having well-respected anti-malware software installed along with a web browser will do even more to protect against malicious attacks. A good online antivirus purchase for pc will include real-time protection to defend against malware installations in addition to scans for any already existing malicious content on your device.

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  • Never ignore computer alerts; a system alert of any kind is never a good thing, especially if it’s an error message about a file being corrupted or not responding. If you see a popup on one’s screen with a system alert asking if they want to send an error report to the developer, always select “No” as this will give them access to their entire hard drive and personal data without even knowing it.

So, these were some valuable tips that can protect one’s computer from hacking and cyber-attacks. To avoid these kinds of attacks in the future, always make sure to choose custom installation options when downloading new software for your computer and keep all of your devices up to date on the latest patches released.


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