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Are you super annoyed by corrupt registry errors in Windows 10? If your answer is “Yes,” then we can feel you. You must be going through a challenging and roughphase. Did we fathom it right? Now, let us make one more assumption- You have landed on this page to know the registry fixer techniques? Right? If this is the case, then we will say you’re at the right page and the right blog post.

But for those few people who are not aware of what registry error is, we will cover this topic as well. No Worries! We will try to answer every possible question related to the corrupt registry in this single blog itself.

Table Of Content: In this blog post, we will cover out what registry errors are and what causes registry errors. The cherry on the cake is, we will also share tried and tested solutions to fix registry errors in Windows 10 and also we have suggested some kick-ass registry error fixer tool.

registry error fixer

What is the Windows Registry?

Windows registry is basically a huge database that contains important machine-specific settings/configuration settings for hardware, programs and applications that are running on your PC. Moreover, a registry encompasses two basic elements that are keys and values. Every time a user installs a program, its keys and values get embedded in the registry. The Windows operating system always counts on the registry; let us explain how it works with an example.

For Example: If you wish to open a program, or install new software, then windows is obligated to check the values of certain keys. But if you don’t want this loop to take place, then you have an option to change registry key values manually using the built-in Windows Registry Editor in order to improve the performance.

Disclaimer*But you should have proper knowledge of what you are doing. Or else, you will end up damaging your Operating system. If you don’t maintain the registry properly, then registry errors and corruption takes place, which is directly proportional to oodles of system and application problems in the operating system.

What Are The Causes Of Registry Errors In Windows 10?

There is a broad spectrum of ways through which Windows Registry gets errors in it, and the worst part is they are not solvable by a registry cleaner. In fact, registry error fixer fails at times. To be precise, registry errors are caused by duplicate keys, registry fragments, orphaned registry keys, fragmented registry and system shutdown errors. Moreover, real registry errors indicate real issues with the registry of your computer’s operating system. Furthermore, these real issues can lead to the blue screen of death, unbootable Windows glitch. Don’t just download any registry cleaner from the Internet as it won’t fix the real problem. For this, you need a real deal and one-stop solution, which is defencebyte computer optimizer software. It is pretty good with its hi-end features, especially when it comes to dealing with registry issues.

What Are The Problems Caused By A Corrupt Registry?

Bear in mind; if your registry is corrupted, then your PC may not restart. This takes place when the system is shut down, and at that point, you can track its cause. Well, power failure and abrupt shutdown can also corrupt the registry hives. When the registry hive is being modified and if at that juncture any power failure and unexpected shutdown occurs, then it stops the process. And in all the chaos, the registry hive is left in a bad state, and once you restart the computer, then the operating system makes an effort to load the hive. Furthermore, registry corruption can occur at the time of shutdown as well, and you won’t come to know until you try loading at the next start.

Step Process to Fix Registry Errors

  • Back Up of Registry
  • Build a System Restore Point
  • Restoration of the Registry from the Backup or Restore Point.
  • Utilization of the System File Checker in order to Scan the Registry.


Step-By-Step Guide to Fix Registry Errors in Windows 10

  1. Back-Up Registry:First and foremost, click on Start and select Run
  • After that, in the run box, type regedit. Subsequently, click on OK or press Enter on your keyboard.

  • Now, in the registry editor window, right-click on Computer and then on Export

  • Now, give a name to the backup file and then save it in a flash drive or cloud storage.

  1. Create A System Restore Point:First thing first, open Control Panel and then click on System & Security.

  • Now, click on the Advanced System Settings, which is on the left side.

  • Your next action should be clicking on the System Protection After this, select create and press on OK option.

  1. Restore Your Registry From The Restore Point Or Backup:First of all, go back to the Run windowand then type Regedit and click on OK.
  • Now, in the registry editor, click on File and then on Import

  • Now, in the Import Registry File Popup, you have to look for a place where you saved the backup. Once you find it, then click on the file and open option.
  1. Use the System File Checker:In literal terms, a system file checker is a tool that checks drive in search for any registry errors, and it replaces fault registries too.
  • If you want to use this tool, first of all, open a Command Prompt and then select Run as administrator.

  • Now, in the command prompt window, type sfc/scannow and after typing press Enter.

What Are The Preventive Measure?

If you wish to have an error-free system now and in the future as well, then follow some actionable preventive measures.

  • Your first step should be uninstalling programs and apps which you don’t use. A registry error fixer tool or a removal tool can help you with these programs.
  • Be on your toes and run regular virus scans and delete any malware or related files installed on the registry since it can instigate the system to crash.

Without any second thoughts, remove unwanted registry entries, and you can achieve this with the help of registry fixer Windows 10 tool.


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