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Your digital traces or digital footprint includes all traces of your activity on the net, from making online purchases to commenting on social media or news pieces. When you are aware of the boundaries of your digital traces and adopt steps to take control, you can protect your reputation and identity.

Digital footprints not merely attract the interests of hackers or persons who desire to steal your identity. They can also be traced by creditors, schools, and potential employers. It is very important that you manage your identity. The main mode to do this is through privacy protect software.

Passive/Active footprints

Among the ways to understand your digital footprint is to distinguish between ‘passive’ or ‘active’ types.

Passive footprints are traces of online activity you leave behind without the intention of doing so and sometimes with full knowledge. For example, when websites collate information about how often you have visited them, they contribute to your digital footprint in a ‘passive’ way. You do not opt to provide such data; rather, they collect the data when a device at your IP Address connects with their websites. Since this is a hidden process, you may not be aware of it happening.

In contrast, active footprints are left by you when you make deliberate choices on the net. A popularly known type of active footprint is posts you make on your own social media accounts. Even when you are logged into a site like a project management site, changes that you make that are connected to your login name are also part of your active footprint.

In the case of both passive and active footprints, they can be observed and tracked by multiple sources in multiple ways. When you take steps for controlling your digital footprint, these will help not only in protecting your reputation and identity but also that of friends and family members.

The following steps are recommended to protect your digital footprint:

Key in name in multiple search engines

You can use several search engines to conduct a search for your first name and last name. In case you have recently changed your name, search for both your previous and current name. Attempt a few misspellings also. Review the first 2 pages of results. Are the results positive? Do they project you in a respectable and professional light? In case something comes up that you dislike, request the site administrators to take it down.

Double-check settings of privacy

The privacy settings on social media permit you to control who sees your posts on your social media streams. Devote some time to get to know such settings so that you can use them completely. For instance, Facebook permits you to not only limit your posts to ‘friends’ but also to create customized lists of persons who will view certain posts.

At the same time, do not assume that privacy settings will protect you anywhere but on the social media sites that use them. For instance, some users of Facebook have reported finding their photos that are ‘friends locked’ as public images on Google Image Search.

Create strong passwords

Whenever you require a password, create one that uses a combination of numbers, words, symbols, and lower case as well as upper case letters. Create a password that is easy for you to remember but which is tough for others to guess. You must avoid the most common combinations, such as anniversaries or the names of your pets, children, or spouse.

Privacy software

Update all your software

Several malware programs and viruses are designed specifically to mine your digital footprint, and they are being updated constantly. For the sake of protecting yourself, make sure that your anti-virus software and other software programs are up to date. Older software is at more risk for attack.

Review mobile use

You must set a password or lock pattern on your mobile device such that it cannot be accessed by other persons if you forget or lose it by accident. You must review the apps on your tablet or phone occasionally. Determine what their information sharing, and privacy settings are. In case you don’t use the apps anymore, you should delete them.

Build up reputation

Add to your professional and positive digital footprint by posting only those elements which contribute to the image of you that you wish to project towards your banks, professors, or bosses. You should skip any negative tweets, untag yourself from questionable photos on Facebook and retain critical comments to yourself. Instead, construct a positive reputation by launching a website or blog that showcases a hobby or work that you are passionate about.

Remove old blog/ social media posts

Is it necessary to preserve what smoothie or protein shake you had for breakfast one morning in 2013? So also, is it relevant to maintain your review of a now-defunct retail shop near you?

We are all responsible for the information we post online but once posted; it need not stay there for always. You must devote time and effort to comb through old posts, but it will be fully worth it, and this will train you to be more selective about the information you share in the future.

Privacy shield from defence byte

The Defence byte software for data privacy management called Privacy Shield is the exact tool you require to protect the privacy of you and those around you. Privacy Shield software is a full-fledged data protection software for your PC to provide total peace of mind.

Privacy protect softwares

The main function of Privacy Shield is that it cleans up traces of software such that no undesirable software or files run on your computer. It offers a Password protector that helps lock all your passwords securely. It has a File Shredder that deletes files and leaves no trace behind.

It has a vital role to play in combatting digital footprint, and the software thoroughly cleans up internet browsing history like a professional. It does not allow websites to track your online activity. It offers comprehensive protection for your data. It is also Chat and IM compatible, and so is vital to keep the performance going.

In sum, these are the main tactics to protect your online privacy.


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