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Over the time Cyber criminals are getting more inventive with their attack modes to infiltrate the system of the users. In one of their major attacks, they targeted a free software Popcorn Time website which offers video streaming services such as Netflix series. Everyone is aware of how much people are obsessed with freebies. Instead of paying a hefty amount on Netflix Subscription, they prefer watching series on Popcorn Time website. Nefarious cyber criminals take advantage of this and target users by making the malicious application look legitimate like Popcorn Time, so that people visit their malicious site for watching series and from there, they infect their systems. Popcorn Time Ransomware is the devious and also one of the unusual type of ransomware. This software encrypts the user’s system, and the victim cannot access it unless the ransom fee is paid. That is why installing a reliable, and top-notch ransomware defender software is indispensable. Through its incessant vigilance, you will be assured that you are safe against this malicious Popcorn Time ransomware. The bizarre part is either you’ve to pay the ransom money in bitcoins-approximate $770 worth or get rid of this by infecting two other people with Popcorn Time. They give seven days to the victims to pay the ransom fee. If the user enters the wrong decryption key four times then the ransomware starts deleting the random files. It will lock you out of your own system. They say when the countdown ends, the files will be deleted permanently. If someone pays the ransom fee, they sent them a Thank you note mentioning ‘Thank you for your payment’ we know we forced you to pay, but be grateful, payment is for a good cause. What if we give you good news that Popcorn Time ransomware allows the victim to decrypt files for free, but the only catch here is that you must infect two other people to get the access back. If the victim sends the malicious link to two other people and if they install the file and pay the ransom amount, the original victim gets his files back without paying the ransom fee.

Isn’t it nasty that in order to protect yourself, you need to draw the other person to the hell? It’s like buying popcorn in a movie hall, and it doesn’t taste delicious, so you give all the popcorn to your friend and also make him pay the cost of the popcorn. They make you do bad things to your own friends, and you are left with no option. Popcorn Time cyber criminals have creative minds; they offer support help desk where they allow you to negotiate the ransom. These bullies claim to be a computer science student from Syria. Everyone is well aware of how appalling conditions remain in Syria, and these cyber criminals claim they want to take things in their own hands. They want to help those people who are going through a tough time. They assert, with this ransom money they will contribute towards food, medicine and shelter. They also feel sorry for people and say they are apologizing for their actions and they’re extremely remorseful for the inconvenience. This is immoral since they are making some other people suffer for the betterment of a few people. They are testing your morality; don’t fall for their heartfelt message. It can be untrue after all, they are cyber bullies, and you cannot fully trust them. Never fall prey to their sentimental message and do not believe that your money will be used for the noble cause. According to the reports, these Popcorn Time cyber criminals often ignore the victims once the ransom fee is paid. Never contact them; they can’t be trusted. It is also said, there are no tools capable of decryption the files. So, it’s imperative to keep a backup of your crucial data, so that there is no significant loss. If you’re pondering how to prevent Ransomware, the one-stop solution is to download ransomware defender software. It will keep you one step ahead of cyber attackers. Avoid getting hit by this ransomware in the first place; always take the precautionary steps.

One of the best solutions is to use defencebyte Anti-Ransomware software that assures robust security, and automatically detects, scan and blocks any kind of anticipated ransomware attacks. This software is Quick and effective in detecting and removing malicious ransomware. It is easy to install software and ransomware defender software promises a trouble-free device to work upon.


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