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Slow speed is an inevitable issue faced by most PCs. While software becomes more demanding, the mode of reaction of your PC to such changes can have a major impact on its performance. A big difference will be made by whether you have opted for a robust operating system like Windows 10.

For enabling performance booster for PC, you can upgrade the computer or opt for more straightforward and cost-effective tips. These minor tips may not seem effective for speeding up your computer’s performance, but in combination, they can keep your PC functional for several years.

Also, there are many kinds of software available that can help you get rid of old files after locating which applications you don’t use much and may desire to uninstall. Such programs will alert you to software and files, which may slow down your computer and may end up as worth deletion.

Following are some tips to keep your PC running fast and smoothly:

Deleting old programs

In case you have an old computer, it may not be surprising to find several unused and old programs which are hiding on your hard drive. You need to visit the ‘Programs & Features’ menu to locate a complete list of such programs and uninstall or delete any programs that you don’t use on a regular basis.

Cut down programs running on start-up

There are programs like Skype and Spotify, which will begin automatically when you switch on the PC. To combat this, you can alter the default settings so that such programs will not occupy much valuable RAM when the PC starts up. For determining what applications will run when the PC boots up, you can use the function of ‘Task Manager’ for Windows 10.

Use the following steps:

  • Press Ctrl-Shift-Esc for accessing Task Manager
  • A box emerges with a list of all installed applications on your PC
  • The tool will also give an idea of the quantum of RAM used by each program when the PC is started.
  • For adjusting, simply right click on the app you don’t desire and disallow it to run until commanded.

In case you are doubtful, re-start the PC after deleting such programs and note how it runs without them while booting up.


PC cleaning software


Delete/clean old files

Many of us like to store pictures even from as far back as a camping trip 20 years ago or your 10th birthday pictures. But it is always wise to delete all old files or documents you don’t require. You can use free PC cleaning software. In case you wish to save some files, consider moving them to cloud storage like One Note or Google drive.

Upgrade RAM of PC

One sure-fire way to enhance the performance and speed of your PC is upgradation of your RAM. Adding some more space to your RAM is sufficient to make a tangible difference.

Consider SSD

For better performance of the PC, a Start-up SSD (Solid State Drive) can remove some pressure away from the processor while the PC boots up. In case you run several applications at one time or use video or photo editing software, an SSD drive can go a long way to make such programs load faster and run smoother.

Though commonly installed on desktops, modern laptops also feature SSD’s. If there is no option for using an internal SSD, you can purchase an external drive that links to your PC. This drive can be helpful while starting up the computer to accomplish tasks and boosting apps. There are a number of SSD options matching your budget.

Run cleaner tools

Apart from manual cleaning of files, you should regularly clear your cached and temporary files. By using free tools such as Malwarebytes or CCleaner, you can make the hidden files of the PC organized and clear.


Clear cookies and browsing history


Clear cookies and browsing history

In case your browser appears to be running slowly, it might be opportune to clear up cookies and browse history. It is the practice of every PC browser to collect cookies and save up all history of your browsing activities. Clearing away these issues from the PC helps enhance PC performance and keep it running smoothly.

Check on virus and spyware/malware

You must stop any program that begins with the letters-‘Mal’. You must regularly scan your system to get rid of any malware that may be slowing down the PC. Apart from checking for malware, you must also regularly scan for spyware and viruses.

Do a manual scanning by using Anti-virus software. Such scanning can be scheduled on a weekly basis. Additionally, running more than one anti-virus software can slow down the system, so it is better to choose single effective software.

Defrag drive

The drive of your PC must be defragmented, and this action needs to be performed automatically. This may be done on a monthly basis. But this may be conducted more frequently if you excessively install/ uninstall/move/download programs.

Keep PC cool

Whenever the PC becomes too warm, it may begin to slow down. This is particularly applicable to laptops. As one reaches the summer season, ensure that the PC is not over-heated and be stored in a well-ventilated spot.

Always shut down

This may seem trivial but switching off your PC and turning it on again can prove much valuable to enhance your computer’s performance. In case the PC is lagging, unplugging it followed by reconnecting it can work wonders.

Consider web browser

Minor adjustments can impact the speed of your PC. A simple factor like the browser you use can speed up or slow down the rate at which images, videos, and web pages load. If you have been using a specific browser, consider using an alternative after checking whether load speeds are better.


In case you are experiencing trouble in loading applications or dealing with the slow performance of the PC, only minor adjustments are needed to help it run efficiently. Check thoroughly if any virus, spyware, or malware is causing slow speeds. You can also use the best PC clean up software so as to ensure the optimal performance of your PC.


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