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Experiencing a sudden decline in computer speed is annoying and can build up a lot of performance issues. We do a lot of significant tasks on the PCs and a break while doing the same can prove to be problematic. For keeping your PC running like new, there must be a list of ways that can help in elevating the speed in amazing ways. Choosing defencebyte’s Computer Optimizer can help in keeping the speed of a computer at a decent level. By having a affably running PC, the issues like these can be overcomed with ease. Let us now go through the reasons why choosing the software can be a profitable deal:

  • Blocks unwanted URL
  • Lifts PC performance
  • Systematizes scan scheduling
  • Cleans up computer’s registry
  • Fixes system issues
  • Eliminates Malware
  • Removes unnecessary files and programs

Choosing the best software for enhancing the speed is great but apart from it, there are other essential tips that can help in elevating the performance of your computer. Let us have a quick look over them and attain essential way-outs:

Disable Startups

Well, to speed up a sluggishly running computer, the users need to disable the startups. This can be done to save memory, CPU cycles and to speed up the login process. In Windows computers, there is a startup manager in the Task manager. You can manage startups by right-clicking the taskbar and choosing “Task Manager” or simply pressing Ctrl+Shift+Escape to start it. Just tap over the Startup tab and disable startup apps you never use. Windows then will notify which apps slow down the startup procedure the most.

Reduce Animations

Windows, in real use animations and these, can ultimately slow down your computer. Windows can maximize and minimize windows if a user disables the linked animations. Using a lot of power, these animations can create a lot of issues regarding performance.

 Lighten Your Browser

Using a web browser a lot can play a vital role in declining the speed of a computer. There can be many extensions and add-ons that can prove to be the only elements that can decrease the speed to a great level. For fixing it up, users can go to the settings and remove the add-ons they do not wish to use.

Scan for Malware and Adware

Malware and Adware are the two main reasons for an extremely slow speed of a PC. They can create a mess and are the sole reasons for a lethargically running computer. For keeping your system out of these issues, it is good to use antivirus software that can help in maintaining the overall security of your system and of course its speed.

Uninstall Unwanted Programs

Another way to a smoother speed is to uninstall unwanted programs. These can create multiple performance issues in the future. They create extra space and can hamper the daily tasks to a great level. Uninstalling them at the right time can be quite helpful.

So, following the above-mentioned tips can be really helpful in maintaining the overall performance of your computer. If performing these are not be able to help, choosing the PC Speed Optimizer can be assisting in many ways.