Ransomware: Time To Wipe It Out

Ransomware refers to malicious software that different threat actors use to extort money from people. This type of cyber aggression is one of the most popular crimes in recent times. Ransomware attacks can be costly for organizations and can take hundreds of hours for them...

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What To Do To Handle Attacks By Ransomware?

Ransomware is dreaded by all computer users. It is an advanced malware that prevents you from accessing files and even the computer system unless you pay a ransom amount. Ransomware is a rampant problem all over the world. As per Cybersecurity Ventures, businesses will be...

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How to Clean Up Junk Files and Boost Speed of Your Pc

Over time, your PC will get clogged with unused software, useless files, and other digital debris, which can cause sluggish performance. But there is no need to re-install the complete system or splurge on a new computer. You can speed up your computer with the...

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