Some Tips And Solutions For Digital Security

Today, in a world where all information can be stored on a single device and sent across the globe in seconds, personal computer security is more important than ever. Without proper care and safeguards that protect against theft or data exploitation, one’s entire life’s work...

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Why Has Ransomware Become An Enduring Threat?

“All we know is Money. Hurry up! Tik-tok, Tik tok, Tik-tok!” This is an excerpt from a frightening ransom note received by IT officials of Baltimore from hackers who managed to lock up the majority of the city’s servers in May 2019. An amount of...

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Secure Your Digital Freedom with The Best Protection

Antivirus software protects your computer from malware and other cybercriminals. It scans data, including web pages, files, and software. It also monitors the network traffic for your computer. It scans to identify threats and flags suspicious behaviour. It aims to block or remove malware efficiently...

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Privacy Software: Wipe Your Digital Traces Clean

Privacy protect software

Your digital traces or digital footprint includes all traces of your activity on the net, from making online purchases to commenting on social media or news pieces. When you are aware of the boundaries of your digital traces and adopt steps to take control, you...

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