Endpoint security: An Overview and Importance

Endpoint security

Data is the most valuable asset for any organization. It is the lifeline of the business, and that is why the business undertakes all the required steps in ensuring that their valuable data is secured and safeguarded against malicious attacks. This is because any loss...

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What Does the Best Junk File Remover Do?

junk file remover

Letting junk files sitting on your computer may bring uninvited risks to not only the important data stored onto your device, but also, to the overall behaviour of it. We keep on reading and listening from the experts also to keep only what is useful,...

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Working from Home: Data Privacy Risks in the COVID-19 Era

Data Privacy Risks

With COVID still around the corner and roaring with all its effectiveness, the whole country has gone into a total lockdown mode as a precautionary measure. Offices, whether they are government or private, are shut close, industries are shut, markets empty, and railways stopped, which...

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7 Multiple Ways To Accelerate The Windows 10 Machine

pc optimization software

Has it ever occurred to you that while you were surfing the internet and had multiple tabs open in Google Chrome or any browser for that matter, suddenly your computer slows down despite a pretty fast internet connection? Has it ever happened that while switching...

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