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There are situations where you might notice sudden video popups. They are basically annoying and can create issues while working. At times, they can be confusing and can hamper your important work. At that point of time, you only want to stop them from creating any mess and of course further complications. They are basically known as the ‘browser hijackers.’ So, what are browser hijackers in real?

What are browser hijackers?

Browser Hijackers can change your web browser settings without your consent. This is actually performed for the aim of infusing infectious advertising or malvertising. Basically, a browser hijacker does this by changing the homepage and search engine with a page of the attackers selecting. This way, the browsing activity will be redirected to the hijacker’s server. This lets them to insert infectious code, do the attacks, monitor your PC, and insert unwanted ads.

Anti malware software

They may even include malicious software such as keyloggers or spyware that can record and transfer the sensitive info such as banking data and online account credentials. Along with this, they can also divert the browsing traffic to infectious sites that are filled with surveys, quizzes, and raffles that are usually framed to use every personal detail of yours.

The best option to be absolutely safe from them is to own an Anti malware software. It is beneficial to buy a robust software that has the ability to fight the malware that can ruin all your important info in minutes.

Indications that your browser is hijacked

There are often some indications that show that the PC has a browser hijacker infection. Let us go through some of the indications:

  • Excessive ad pop-ups
  • New browser toolbars that you don’t remember installing
  • Ad pop-ups that interrupt video playback
  • Web pages are slower than usual
  • The search results are redirected to unknown websites
  • Undesirable links, ads, and banners begin appearing on the sites you visit.
  • Regular website redirection

Some widely known browser hijackers:

  • Babylon Toolbar
  • Prizemediayou
  • Coupon Server
  • Ask Toolbar
  • CoolWebSearch
  • CouponAlerts
  • RocketTab
  • IncrediBar Search

They all are infectious and the only way to be safe from them is to get an Anti malware for android. The software not only combats the dangerous viruses and other malicious elements but also offers a full safety cover to the devices.

Now, let us see some of the ways by which you can remove browser hijackers from Chrome:

Remove unknown extensions:

  1. Firstly, open Google Chrome, click on the menu icon (top right corner) and choose Tools and then Extensions.
  2. Search for mysterious malicious plugins and other extensions that you do not recognize then click on the “Remove” button.

Restore your search engine:

  1. At first, click on the menu icon one more time then select ‘Settings’ — Manage Search engines under the Search segment.
  2. Now, the next step is to scroll down to the ‘Search engine used in the address bar’ segment then restore it to “Google.”

Reset Google Chrome

If you want to free from all the browser hijacker changes in one go, you can also reset the Chrome settings to default. See below:

  1. Firstly, on the same Chrome Settings page, just scroll down and click on “Reset browser” settings arrow.
  2. And now click on ‘Reset settings’ to confirm. Here, it is important to note that this will reset your homepage, pinned tabs, search engine, extensions and, cookies.

Tips on how to make browser safe:

Keep your browser up-to-date

The best way to keep your browser secure or hack-proof is to update the browser at a regular basis. The regular update can help the browser to fight with the viruses, malware and other malicious. The other important tip is to get an anti malware software installed on the PC.

Uninstall unneeded plugins

The browser can be secure but the plug-ins cannot be. Disable the browser Flash and the plugins from activating on its own.

Delete unused browser extensions

It is important to audit the extensions regularly and if there is anything in the extension list that is unused or unknown, just delete them.

Regularly scan your system with an anti-malware program

The best one can do is to own an Anti malware for windows 10 that can be helpful in securing the browser in a better way. A great security software can help in safeguarding the computer and maintain the overall performance.

So, if you think that you need to protect the browser from getting hijacked, following the above-mentioned tips and ways can be really helpful. With this, connecting with the professionals for advanced help can also come up to be the best alternative to go for.