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Almost every computer user has a major concern about slow computer problems. This exasperating problem stems from inevitable bloated software, junk files, registry errors and also due to unwanted errors which takes place because of insufficient storage memory. The sudden drop in the performance of the PC comes as a complete bummer for users. Though this situation totally turns out to be a moment of despair, but you are left with no time to crib about the lethargic nature of your computer. Now, is the time to tune-up the computer performance and moreover with the availability of these below-mentioned tools you don’t have to be a computer geek in order to understand how to fix a slow PC. Probably you just need to know which tools to use. This List of slow PC Fixer programs will help you to make your PC run blazingly faster. In other words, you can consider themas your guardian angel.

List of slow PC Fixer programs will help you to make your PC run blazingly faster

Disk Defragmentation Tool: One of the most renowned and influential slow pc fixer software is a disk defragmentation tool. Its best attribute is, it is free of cost, and it performs faster than the Windows inbuilt utility. The icing on the cake is, it can perform hard drive optimization as well. With the help of this slow pc fixer, you can defragment files and can free up space in order to speed up file access and to move the system files to the beginning of the disk, so that your PC performs faster. Another welcome addition to all of its functions and performance is the ability to personalize the Disk Defrag tool by utilizing its color themes.

CCleaner: CCleaner is well-known as one of the best slow PC Fixer tool as it tweaks the computer performance by finding and removing all the junk and superfluous files that usually accumulate over time. It will remove every file, app and document that is totally trash for you such as Internet files, cookies, browsing history, temporary files, etc. Hopefully, you get the idea. This slow PC fixer software is a must-have for every PC as it works impeccably, and it is excellent at fixing the system issues as well. Moreover, CCleaner also has a startup manager, registry cleaner and an uninstall manager. It works wonderfully as it can be used for prompt and effective PC maintenance.

Autoruns for Windows: If you have many startup entities, then it can substantially upsurge Windows boot time. So in case if you have to wait forages for Windows to load, then probably your startup entries will be responsible for that. Autoruns is a marvelous utility that explicitly shows you which programs are configured to run during the system login or bootup. These programs includeRun and Registry keys. All in all, you can configure Autoruns to show other locations, encompassing toolbars, browser helper objects, Explorer Shell Extensions and Auto-start services. Bottom Line, Autoruns for Windows is easy-on hands, and its ease of use feature is to die for. If you really wish to disable an auto-start entry, just uncheck its check box. And if you want to delete an auto-start configuration entry, then you can use the Delete menu item or toolbar button.

Revo Uninstaller: Too many programs can eat up tons of system resources, and if you really want to fix a slow computer, then it is excellent for removing programs that you no longer use. This slow pc fixer software is a miniature, but powerful utility tool that ranks A1 in the Uninstallers category on Download.com. We must mention, it is faster than the Windows Add/Remove tool, and it holds tons of features. The cherry on the cake is, it can remove traces that some software uninstallers leave behind. Furthermore, when you launch Revo, you will be presented with the list of installed software. When you right-click, it gives users a list of choices right from Uninstall and Removeoption to Search Google. On top of everything, it also shows the installation directory and option of quick access to the application.

Registry Cleaner: Are you thinking about how to speed up the performance of your slothful computer by fixing registry? Allow us to tell you; registry errors often cause uncertainty and slow computer performance issues. This slow pc fixer tool will locate and fix most of the registry errors. Therefore, making your computer steadfast and more stable. A registry cleaner is clearly safe to use, and it backs up the registry before making any changes, and moreover,it scans only safe categories.

Secuina Personal Software Inspector (PSI): We can confidently say this is a convenient tool that will keep your PC safe and secure. In an outline, it can potentially speed up applications. This slow PC fixer tool is competent at detecting vulnerable and outdated programs and also the plug-ins, which helps to expose your PC to attacks. As you may know, going from website to website and downloading patches from a wide array of applications can altogether be a mind-numbing job; therefore, you can use this solution to apply patches. Bottom Line, this software will automate and will alert you whenever your plug-ins and programs require updating. To be precise, patching software can fix a slow computer problem because outdated programs are likely to cause your software to become sluggish and less stable.

Driver Sweeper: On day to day basis, many people connect devices to their computer and that too recurrently. These devices can be anything- USB flash drives, pendrives, webcams, mobile phones, digital camera, scanners and printers. When you connect the device for the first time, either you will install the device drivers from a CD, or they will get installed automatically. Unfortunately, drivers can anytime become outdated, and it is of no use when you stop using the device. Basically, outdated drivers and driver leftovers can anytime lead to system instability and startup problems. That is why it becomes a pressing priority to remove them for good. And in this regard, driver sweeper tool can be your saviour as it helps in updating and removing device drivers.

Defencebyte Computer Optimizer Tool: If you are on a hunt of a reliable and trustworthy slow PC fixersoftware, then your research will end right over there when you put your hands on defencebyte computer optimizer software. It is meticulously designed with distinct features that will spurt up your PC’s speed, and it will uplift the performance right away. As soon as you install it in your system, you can get stress-free as it offers flawless work experience and complete customer satisfaction. All in all, it is a comprehensive package of state-of-the-art technologies, and without any fail, it will resolve all your computer problems and registry malfunctions which is capable of making your system slow. With full assurance, we can say that it is the most efficacious, remarkable software that comes with the stellar feature. Moreover, it is easy to install, lightweight, and it comes with a downloadable free trial version also.


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