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The number of cyber attacks is increasing rapidly with every passing day. Hackers use different tricks to sneak into the user’s computer or network to get the access and controls. However, hackers cannot get the access of your network or computer if you are an aware user and deploy all the necessary security for the protection. There may be many constraints including irresponsible habits of the employees, aging infrastructure may leave a firm vulnerable to potentially damaging attacks.


As per the Cisco’s mid-year cybersecurity report, businesses are facing security challenges because they are struggling to frap cybercriminals and other available threats and this deficit is limiting firms’ ability to fully adopt the digital technology. These days digital security of a firm is a very critical foundation because most of the organizations capitalize on modern business models based on digital transformation. These digital transformations are being misused by attackers and they get successful to expanding their time to operate by befooling the users.

In fact, attackers misuse digital transformations so smartly that they are not going to detect easily. The global report on security detects various issues including cyber defence. Often business struggle to keep pace with the ever-increasing threat landscape and this flaw open the windows of opportunity for the attackers. To close the doors of opportunity for the hackers, firms need to improve their activities and require more visibility including patching the flaw, retiring outdated infrastructure that is able to deal with advanced security threats.

According to the stats represented by Cisco, show that organizations are less likely to upkeep of operating systems, programs and network hygiene. According to the report, it could be helpful from the cyber security prospect if you ensure that programs like Microsoft Office, Java, and web browsers are updated to their latest version. Remove the junks of unsupported and unpatched files as they create added opportunities to the hackers to easily get the controls of a user’s machine and doing the maximum damage along with earning consequent profits while keeping the identity undetected.

From the starting of this year, the continued rise of ransomware is causing many problems. Ransomeware are a type of malware or intrusive program and once they are in, they do not allow to the users to access computers without paying a ransom to the attackers. Till now it is the most profitable malware. If the users and firms want to save their data and details of employees, they need to take the backup of critical data and install the protection employees’ individual devices along with deploying the necessary steps that are advised to take.

According to the Cisco’s expectations, this ransom threat will grow more destructively and spread by itself. Once it is entered into your network system, it will hold entire networks, and companies’ hostage. By now, many organizations of healthcare industry have experienced significant uptick in attacks and most other industries are also being targeted for the hacking attacks. No industry of any region is safe including government agencies, clubs, automobiles, textiles, charities, NGOs, etc.

This year in the month of January, multiple Irish government agencies were temporarily experienced the Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks and all the agencies were using robust security protocols. Attackers targeted the departments of justice and defence, the Courts Service, and the Central Statistics Office. Although DDoS attacks do not usually involve more malicious activities like identity and data theft, but they overwhelm websites with number of online requests that make them unusable and irksome for a specific period.

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