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Unprotected PC activities can give you sleepless nights. You never know what happens next. Getting any antivirus updated is not the complete solution ever. One needs to know the exact requirement of his/her PC. There are times, when one needs a certain kind of service, say PC protection, but doesn’t require any additional services that eventually eats space. At such situation, PC users get confused and better think not to opt for any solution or software; because in one way or the other, it endangers the performance of the PC. If you are not finding any solution to such issues, make sure giving defencebyte products a must try. defencebyte brings you a range of awesome applications or software that allows you target specific issues associated with PC. defencebyte products allow you enjoy fast PC performance without eating up too much disk space. Take a look. We are very sure; you will find the answer to your question.

defencebyte Privacy Master – This software allows you clean your PC File History both offline and online along with internet browsing history. One click is enough to wipe out all traces and history. Comes tagged with advanced Protection System that keeps hackers and scammers away from tracking your private information. It supports all popular web browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera, etc. It also cleans all tracking/advertising cookies that collect information.

defencebyte Speed Optimizer – This amazing software allows you to locate and FIX following issues: empty registry keys, invalid file associations, unused help files, empty uninstall entries, useless file extensions, invalid paths, invalid add/remove programs, invalid custom controls and many other.

defencebyte Speed Repair – This software scans, locates and rectifies your PC issues. Such as detecting and repairing Windows registry file errors, fixing system wrong configuration etc. After scanning, it provides you the list of errors, allowing executing the repair process. This software also improves computer’s speed making it more productive and proficient than ever. Furthermore, it optimizes operating system registry configuration along with wiping out the corrupted files of the computer. Speed Repair smartly checks corrupt registry entries, unused system files, hidden OS errors, missing dlls errors, etc. preventing system from crashing and freezing. Moreover, it also has inbuilt customizable Scan Settings.

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