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With time, computers do get slower. But just because your PC is underperforming, it doesn’t mean you need to bring home its brand-new replacement. There are numerous tweaks and optimization tricks that you can try out to boost your windows PC’s performance. Yes, using the best pc booster will sort out most of your problems, but you can also do a lot in addition to investing in a PC booster. Here is what you can do. Read on—

  • Get rid of old programs

Older computers might have unused programs hidden on their hard drives. You can view a complete list of programs and features in your “Programs and Features” menu. Uninstall any that you don’t use frequently.


  • Limiting apps that automatically start

You just turn on your computer, and a lot of programs start automatically. You can adjust the default settings to ensure that these programs don’t use up your computer’s RAM during start-up.


  • Clean your hard drive

Cleansing out your hard drive will increase storage space and improve the performance of your system.

Disk clean-up is a program that can clean up your hard drive efficiently. This program will scan your hard drive looking for files you don’t use, such as temporary files and cached web pages. It also removes items from your Recycle Bin. It’s important to remove them as they can accumulate over time and take up lots of space on your computer.

Disk clean-up not just locates files on your hard drive but also displays how much space each one is taking up. Hence, the program allows you to decide which files to delete based on how important they really are and how much storage space they will free up.

You will see a smoother PC and fewer crashes when you remove all unnecessary and outdated files.

  • Get rid of the whole pile of old files

Are there photos that you have saved from your high-school prom or camping trip 15 years back? It’s time you simply delete them and make space for new ones. You don’t really need all old files and documents, except those that are really important. So, delete them. In case you don’t want to delete, consider moving the files to cloud storage, such as your Google Drive.

  • Upgrading the RAM

RAM stands for Random Access Memory. This is a type of memory that can be used to store machine code and working data. You will notice a difference in your PC’s performance by installing additional RAM. It will help it run smoother and more quickly.

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Upgrading RAM is especially important for businesses. Nonetheless, even individuals might require extra support. Talk to some expert about the much additional RAM you might need for your system. By installing the most compatible RAM, you will be able to improve your computer’s performance significantly.

Even by increasing the RAM space by 2 to 4, you will be able to notice a huge difference in your computer’s speed.

  • Upgrading to an SSD Drive

An SSD drive refers to a kind of storage device. SSDs use flash-based memory to replace traditional hard drives. Old technologies for hard disk storage were inefficient and could make computers slow. SSD drives, however, are faster and far more efficient than their older storage counterparts.

Upgrading to an SSD drive will bring a noticeable improvement in your computer’s performance. You will see a decrease in the time it takes to start-up and that your programs open faster.

Installing a solid-state drive can be an easy way to make your computer run faster. This will significantly improve the performance of your computer even for undertaking regular tasks.

  • Make use of a cleaner tool

Your temporary and cached files should be cleared regularly. This should be done in addition to cleaning your files manually. You can use any good PC cleaner tool for this purpose. You can also keep your computer’s hidden files well organized by using such a tool.

  • Clear your cookies and browsing history

Your browser saves your browsing history and stores cookies. These small files and cookies can quickly build up and slow down your browsing. It is crucial to remove these files regularly if you notice a slowdown in the speed of your computer. So, by simply clearing your browsing history and cookies, you can speed up your browser.


  • Scanning for malware and removing it

Malware refers specifically to the software that is designed to harm your system, device, or network. There are many different types of malware, including computer viruses, ransomware, and spyware. It can significantly slow down your computer’s performance if malware infiltrates it. You could be at risk for data theft or cyber-attack, as well as affecting productivity.

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It is essential to have a strong cyber security strategy. This includes effective antivirus and managed protection against malware. Cyber security solutions can be used to silently and proactively remove viruses as well as filter all internet traffic to stop cyber-attacks. Go for a trusted brand that will deliver high-quality cyber security solutions to help ensure your computer’s efficiency and security.

Note that ransomware or hidden virus is one of the most common reasons for slow computers. So, be sure to have only the latest and the most advanced security solution installed and follow digital security best practices when surfing the internet. This will reduce the chance of malware infecting your computer.

  • Keep your system cool

If your computer is too hot, it will start to slow down gradually. This is especially true for laptops. Make sure you keep your laptop cool and in an area that is well-ventilated.

  • Shut down the system

It may sound absurd, but you may help your computer get back to its normal functioning speed by turning it off and turning it back ON again. This is a simple way to fix lag problems. All you need is to turn your computer off, unplug the device, and then reconnect to turn it on.

So, you must have found these tips useful in improving your computer’s performance and speed. In case your system doesn’t experience improved performance with these tricks and tips, you can opt for a PC booster. But make sure you buy only the best pc optimization software for your computer.


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