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Online Ads are sometimes so irritating that they end up hampering your work. While working smoothly, a sudden pop-up of the online ad can make things complicated. For keeping them away, users go through a lot of ways to make sure their devices remain safe. Some ads are normal, like funny auto play videos and Internet trolls. Stuff get messy when brands start employing multiple ad tech firms that employ different approaches. Continuously popping up with an ad that comes from nowhere can be really frustrating.

Antivirus Software

But, if we see broadly then some ads are not good, they raise up some security concerns. For stopping such ads, installing Antivirus software can be helpful. Now, we will go through some points for stopping them from disturbing you while browsing your favourite website:

Clear cookies

It is beneficial to clear up your cookies periodically. Ad trackers have a tough time following you if you delete cookies. Brands such as Google, Microsoft, Apple have published guidelines on how to clear the data from their browsers such as Safari, Chrome, and Edge.

Reset your advertising ID

Along with the cookies, Android and Apple smartphones use an Advertising ID to assist marketers to track you. You can simply reset it whenever you like. On Android devices, you can search the reset button in the menu in the Google settings app, and on iPhones, you can check the reset button inside the settings app in the privacy menu, under advertising.

Purge your Google ad history

Google has My Activity tool, where you can take a good look on the data that has stored about you, with the history of ads you have loaded, and select the data you want to delete.

There are some other extreme ways to restrict the targeted ads. Let us go through them:

Install an Adblocker

This is the best way to restrict those annoying ads. There comes an Ad Blocker that works well in restricting the ads that can cause you disturbances. If you do not find any Ad Blocker, just make use of a private web browser. This can help you to discover a newer way of working and that too without any hurdle.

Use a private browser

This comes up to be the most effective way to keep the ads from cropping up issues while working. Private browsers basically restrict the entry of the ads and ultimately help you to experience a great working environment.

Install Tracker Blocker

This is also one of the best ways to come over the issue of online ads. They usually track snoopy code on sites and restrict them from loading. Pick up your favorite Tracker Blocker and witness a change.

Wherever you can, opt out of interest-based advertising

Tech firms with Facebook, Google, Twitter and Apple offer guidelines on opting out of receiving ads based on the interests. It can take you some hours to set yourself up to prevent ads from haunting you.


So, whenever frustrated about the popping ads, just make sure to follow the above-mentioned tips. These methods can help in making fruitful changes as well as keep you away from those disturbing online ads. If you somehow get in the web of bad ads, installing Antivirus software 2018 can be the best choice to go for.


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