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Also known as Search Smart, Searchsmart.website is the new accumulation in the prolonged list of homepage hijackers. It is a leading adware application that alters browser settings without user’s consent. If you install shareware & freeware on frequent basis you may come across this program. This homepage redirects will sneak onto the personal computer through various free apps and malicious extension. Once installed on the browser, Searchsmart.website takes over the entire page and affect a number of internet programs. It is habitual of directing online traffic on its own server.


Searchsmart.website dominate the search tool and collects the users’ data to earn online profits. For the monetary gains, it also displays advertisements and paid links on customized search result pages.

Searchsmart.website can impact the 3 most widely used web browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari browser. Hence, users deploying these internet browsers need to stay extra careful while downloading third-party applications and freeware. They should follow the precautionary tips like never download or install a program from dubious sites as they are unsafe and can be the reason responsible for loading Searchsmart.website on your computer. Furthermore, always prefer getting the programs only from trusted sources and official websites. Why? Because once your computer is dominated by Searchsmart.website, it is arduous to remove it as it integrates complex codes on the browser.

Deleting Searchsmart.website or relevant extension from the browser is one of the most operative ways to control and stop it. Here is a guide that will aid you in getting rid of this threat by scanning your computer with a reliable tool to locate malware, virus, and other malicious objects staying there on the system.


Stage 1: Delete and Remove Browser Extension

Browser Extension is one of the most preferred programs that homepage hijackers deploy in order to take over the settings of various internet applications. Hence, you are advised to check and eliminate the extension associated with Searchsmart.website.

Steps to Buzz-off Searchsmart.website Extension from Chrome

  1. Open your Chrome Browser
  2. After that, type chrome://extensions/ in the address bar
  3. Hit ‘Enter’ key
  4. Discover website or other relevant entry
  5. Once found, remove the same from Chrome.

Steps that Mozilla Firefox Users Should Follow in Order to Uninstall Extension

  1. Open your Firefox Browser
  2. Type about: addons in the address bar and hit ‘Enter’ on your keyboard
  3. A sidebar menu will appear, select ‘Extensions’ from it
  4. Locate Searchsmart.website and all other objects related to it
  5. Ultimately, remove all that gets located.

The Below Steps to Delete Extension will Benefit Safari Users 

  1. Open your Safari browser
  2. Click ‘Settings’ icon located on the upper-right corner of your window
  3. From drop-down inventory, choose ‘Preferences’
  4. On Extension Windows, opt ‘Extensions’
  5. Search for not just Searchsmart.website but also the relevant entry. Once found, remove all from your Safari browser as soon as possible.

Steps for Users Who Want to Get rid of Add-ons on Internet Explorer  


  1. Open the Internet Explorer on your PC
  2. On top Menu, click ‘Tools’
  3. From the long drop-down inventory, select ‘Manage Add-ons’
  4. Under the Toolbar & Extension section, discover entries pertaining to Searchsmart.website.
  5. Remove discovered entries -> Close Window -> Restart the Internet Explorer.

Is Searchsmart.website still persisting on your PC’s Internet Explorer, go for the other way where you need to remove adware from the Windows Control Panel.  

  1. On your keyboard, press Windows key + R key.
  2. Type ‘appwiz.cpl’ in Run box -> Press ‘Enter’ key -> Click ‘OK’
  3. You’ll come across a window labeled Programs & Features, arrange the inventory holding installed programs in a chronological manner. Recently installed apps should be kept at the top.
  4. Click ‘Installed On’
  5. Choose Searchsmart.website or relevant entry from even those have been installed recently. Finally, click ‘Uninstall’ and remove them from your system.  

Stage 2: Scan and Remove Adware & Extensions by Using defencebyte AV Pro

Want to remove the threats completely and instantly? Assign this task to the proficient defencebyte AV Pro. What do you need to do? First of all, command this tool to deep scan your infected PC. After that, proceed with the further step-wise solutions. The steps will aid you in deploying defencebyte AV Pro to detect and delete even the hidden malevolent files, extensions, and codes.  

“Emerging constantly as an efficacious tool, defencebyte AV Pro is expert in discovering and removing various or we can say almost all malicious programs. For example – viruses, worms, malware, spyware, and adware encompassing Searchsmart.website.”   

Steps to Scan & Eradicate Searchsmart.website Extension by Using defencebyte AV Pro

  1. Download the defencebyte AV Pro on your system.
  2. Install and save the downloaded file on your PC’s desktop so that you can access it effortlessly.
  3. You can also save it at any other location as per your convenience.
  4. Run the program by clicking on it or browse the location of defencebyteAVPro_.exe. file followed by double-clicking on it.
  5. Windows will automatically notify that the download process is completed.
  6. In order to complete the downloading without any issue, carefully read all the license terms followed by clicking ‘Agree’.
  7. As soon as the downloading gets completed, run a deep scan for finding adware, extensions, plug-ins, browser hijacker, PUP, add-ons, and all other harmful or malicious entries.
  8. To continue with the residual process i.e. removal, proceed with the on-screen instructions.
  9. Once the process of scanning and removing get accomplished, reboot your computer so that everything done takes effect.

Alternate Tactic to Clean Up Searchsmart.website From the Internet Browser

All browser hijackers aren’t the same! Hence, there are many that are arduous or impossible to be removed just by deleting relevant codes or extensions. In that case, the only operative solution remains is resetting your browser program to default. Yes, if you have implemented all the above given step-by-step keys but still not able to get rid of Searchsmart.website. Reset the Settings of the affected browser application and end up your anxiety.

Steps to Reset Google Chrome Settings to Default

  1. Start your PC -> Open Chrome Browser
  2. Now, type chrome://settings/ in the address bar
  3. Hit ‘Enter’ key
  4. Scroll down to the option ‘Show Advanced Settings’ and click it
  5. Once again scroll down until you find ‘Reset Settings’ section
  6. Click the button labeled as ‘Reset Settings’
  7. In the window that prompts for confirmation, click ‘reset’.  

If finished appropriately, the process encompassing these steps will reset not just your search engine but also your homepage, tab page, and almost all that is impacted by Searchsmart.website. One of the other noteworthy things about this function is that it will not affect the history, bookmarks, or other data saved by you.      

Steps to Delete Searchsmart.website by Resetting the Settings of Mozilla Firefox

If the aforementioned procedures were unable to aid you in removing Searchsmart.website from the affected Mozilla Firefox on your system, carry out the below steps. These will prove helpful in restoring your Firefox browser to default without altering anything pertaining to your bookmarks, passwords, browsing history, internet cookies, etc.

So, start with the instructions to delete extensions, plug-ins, and all other things associated with Searchsmart.website.

  1. Open your Firefox Browser
  2. After typing about:support in the address bar, hit ‘Enter’ on your keyboard
  3. As soon as you finish with the above step, the browser will redirect you to a web page with troubleshooting information. On the top-right corner of this page, you will see a section displaying ‘Tune up Firefox’ or any other statement with similar meaning. To continue, click ‘Refresh Firebox’ option existing there
  4. The process will automatically close your browser & then, proceed with the further restoration procedure
  5. Now, you’ll be availed with a clear list holding restored data. Hopefully, Searchsmart.website should be removed by this time
  6. Click ‘Finish’ to close the current window
  7. Open and use a fresh Mozilla Firefox window.

Steps to Reset Your Safari Browser’s Settings to Normal

If you aren’t able to remove Searchsmart.website or the relevant codes manually, then you should go for the below alternative:  

  1. Open your Safari browser
  2. Go to the upper-right corner of your system’s screen and there, click the Safari Settings
  3. From the drop-down inventory, choose Safari reset
  4. After selecting programs that you wish to reset, click ‘Reset’ button
  5. In order to see the impacts of the changes have been made, restart your browser.  

Steps to Set Internet Explorer’s Settings to Default

  1. Open the Internet Explorer on your system
  2. Navigate to the menu appearing at the top and there, click Tools & Internet options
  3. Select ‘Advanced’ tab  
  4. Now, click the Reset button you’ll obtain beneath Reset the Internet Explorer Setting section existing in the bottom area.

At the end of the above given procedure, you’ll find that the add-ons, codes, and other objects related to Searchsmart.website have gone. Moreover, valuable data such as bookmarks, brewing history, and favorites that you saved is as they were.     

Hope, this guide will prove as a perfect road to a destination completely free from Searchsmart.website!!!