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Browser extensions are really helpful for online users as they improve their digital experience. They may be useful if you’re fond of shopping, banking, socializing, etc. Malware like Tune Junkies makes the use of this concept and takes the control of the system to reap the benefits for its developers. It is a browser application which can modify and misuse the confidential details of peoples. But to surf the web or do online shopping, it’s not necessary to have a browser extension because often they open the backdoors so that virus and other infections can make their entry possible into the system of the users.


It’s very complicated to eliminate such infections from the system and browsers once you got the infection. Tune Junkies is a browser add-on which can be installed by a user by mistake or it can be installed with a freeware. If your system is infected, it’ll display multiple types of advertising information in the form of irksome advertisements, pop-ups, banners, etc. Tune Junkies may appear as an interesting and important tool for watching online videos so people misinterpret that it’s a useful application, but it’s a nasty code which lies beneath its core files. It’s potentially an unwanted program which is also promoted as a tool to listen to online music content.

The developers of this app try to engage more and more users into installing Tune Junkies into their computer because of the reason to generate profit by engaging the victims. Apart from loading a bunch of unwanted programs, it also displays advertisement in order to bring-in revenue. But most computer users who get this infection often don’t know how it gets inside the computer because it may also an outcome of adware infection. It can be distributed as part of other malicious program that can install such applications into the system. It gets easily, but very hard to eradicate.

It can be the weak point for the browser, regardless of the fact that what kind of extension you are going to install. So all browser vendors deliver security patches and remain concerned about the security of their users. But if you install such infections, vendors can’t guarantee that your system will not be infected. And online scammers look for such vulnerabilities. So it’s a better option to install add-ons from popular and reliable vendors only or not to download browser extensions at all. You also should be careful while downloading anything because you cannot be certain about the popping-up advertising information whether it’s safe and genuine or not.

It’s very easy to get the infection, but very complex to get rid of from it. You can remove it in two ways, either automatically or manually. With the help of a virus-removal tool, it’s very easy to get rid of it. And if you’re an expert, you can use manual methods to remove it. Here is a removal guide for you to keep you away from such infections. Below is step-by-step instructions are written to remove Tune Junkies from your system.

Windows 7/Vista:

  • Click Start button and open the Control Panel;
  • Click on the option Uninstall a program (if computer’s settings are organized by Category);
  • Click on the option Programs and Features (if computer’s settings are organized by Icons);
  • Now find programs potentially related to Tune Junkies and click Uninstall;
  • Follow the instructions displaying on the screen or wait till the program is uninstalled.

Windows 8/8.1:

  • If you are using a mouse, point its pointer to the upper-right corner of the screen, find the search option and click on it or Swipe in from the right edge of the screen, then tap Search;
  • Type the control panel in the search box, open Control Panel;
  • Under View by: select Large Icons, then click or tap Programs and features;
  • Search programs potentially related to Tune Junkies;
  • Tap or click the related program, then tap or click Uninstall;
  • Follow the instructions displaying on the screen or wait till the program is uninstalled.

Windows 10:

  • Tap or click Start and select Settings;
  • Now choose System in opened menu;
  • Under System menu, click or tap on the tab Apps & features;
  • Find Tune Junkies and other related suspicious programs;
  • Now Tap or click on the program and then tap or click on the option Uninstall;
  • Confirm action by clicking Uninstall.

Windows XP:

  • Click Start button and open Control Panel;
  • Double-click on the option Add or Remove Programs;
  • Find Tune Junkies and potentially related programs and click on them;
  • Click to Remove them;
  • Now follow the instructions appearing on the screen or wait till program does not uninstall;

Mac OS:

  • Click Go on the Finder menu;
  • Choose Applications on the right side;
  • Now locate Tune Junkies;
  • Move it to trash bin;
  • For the final removal, follow on-screen instructions; 

Remove Tune Junkies add-on from browsers

Tune Junkies may also install add-ons or extensions in most of the major browsers and these add-ons will display ads and pop-ups and also may redirect you to malicious sites. So to remove it completely, it is recommended to delete Tune Junkies and related add-on from all browsers.

Google Chrome:

  • Open Chrome Browser;
  • Press Alt+E or Alt+F or Click on Options Icon, then click Settings;
  • Now click Extensions;
  • Search for Tune Junkies or another extension related to Tune Junkies;
  • to remove extension, click on bin icon.

Internet Explorer;

  • Open the browser;
  • Click on gear icon in the right-top corner or Press Alt+T;
  • Click Manage Add-ons;
  • Choose Toolbars and Extensions;
  • Find adware Tune Junkies and click on the Disable option;
  • Now click More information button;
  • Then click on the option to remove.

Mozilla Firefox:

  • Open Mozilla Firefox browser;
  1. Click Tools on the top of the browse or Press Alt+T, then click Add-ons;
  2. In the address bar, type “about:addons” or press Shift+Ctrl+A;
  • Now click Extensions;
  • Find Tune Junkies and then click Disable or Remove button.


  • Start Safari browser;
  • In the menu select Safari > Preferences;
  • Then click Extensions tab;
  • Now find Tune Junkies;
  • Finally click Uninstall button.

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