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Betternewtabsearch.com is a website which uses unwanted extension to alter existing internet browser settings on the user’s computer. This program permanently hijacks user’s homepage to and shows Betternewtabsearch.com as the default search engine. It is the adware which alters user’s preferences without their consent. All the alterations which this browser hijacker carried out are to gain an access to computer secretly right after when Betternewtabsearch.com extension installs.


The freeware or shareware which is carrying Betternewtabsearch.com gets installed on your computer; it initiates the loading process of this adware in the background. Once it gets installed on your device, it immediately modifies your browser programs like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Edge. It does not only affect homepage and make changes in search settings, but also has more dangerous traits like ability to track your online browsing events, logs websites you often access, and records search inquiries.

Additionally, browser with occurrences of Betternewtabsearch.com may redirect you to some other websites from the web page you are on, may show too many pop-ups, advertisements, banners, and sometimes full-page endorsements. Authors of this adware intend to deploy this annoying scheme on your computer to monetize their creation.

As mentioned earlier also, Betternewtabsearch.com and other adware programs of similar nature often bundle themselves with questionable third-party programs. Therefore, you really need to pay attention to every software program that you install. Don not install program if the developer is doubtful because Betternewtabsearch.com may not be the only adware that this suspicious adware may drop. Millions of adware and foreign agents are there which may get installed on your PC that may steal sensitive information from your machine, causes redirects, excessive display of advertisements, etc.

To remove and make sure that you can get rid of Betternewtabsearch.com and other malicious programs completely from your machine, here is a guide attached below. This guide has easy-to-understand and effective instructions to help you out. Scan your computer with efficient anti-virus and anti-malware tools to find and remove hidden entities linked to adware. Follow the guide in exact order as it is written to make sure that you can successfully remove Betternewtabsearch.com and all relevant unwanted programs.

How to Remove Betternewtabsearch.com Homepage

Carry out all the steps in exact manner to effectively get rid of malware.

Step 1: Use Add/Remove program of Windows

You can uninstall Betternewtabsearch.com Homepage using add/remove programs of Windows. If you have mistakenly installed any malware program on your computer, you may be getting pop-up ads and coupons as a reflection of this malicious program. To get rid of the problem, you need to uninstall the culprit program first.

  • Click on Windows Start button and choose Control Panel from the list. Alternatively, hold down Windows key + R simultaneously on keyboard and type appwiz.cpl command in the search field and hit the Enter key on keyboard or click on the OK option.
  • In the Control Panel window, look for the ‘Programs ‘area and there click on the option Uninstall a program. Now, you will see a window that will open up the list of software installed on your computer.
  • Search for Betternewtabsearch.com Homepage entry and remove it. If you don’t find it in the list of programs, search for any suspicious labels which have been installed recently.
  • Put the cursor on the relevant program and click on the option Uninstall to remove the program.

Step 2: Scan and Delete Betternewtabsearch.com with defencebyte AV Pro

  • Download and install the defencebyte AV Pro on your device first.
  • Make sure that you choose the right version for your Windows computer.
  • Save the file at a convenient location.
  • Windows will prompt about download when it gets completed.
  • Click on Run button or browse the location of the folder and double click on the file defencebyteAVPro_.exe to start the program.
  • Accept the license terms to carry on the remaining process.
  • Run a scan on your computer to find plug-ins, add-ons, harmful programs, and other malicious entities linked to Betternewtabsearch.com Homepage.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to continue with the removal.
  • Once scan and removal process gets completed, reboot your machine for everything to take effect

Alternative approach to Clean Up Internet Browser from Betternewtabsearch.com

If you are dealing with Betternewtabsearch.com and other such infections, it becomes a must to clean your internet browser from clutter and unwanted add-on/extension. Reset your browser to its default state to get rid of this rigid infection. Follow the procedure given below to reset various browsers to its default state.

Reset Google Chrome Settings

  • Open Google Chrome browser.
  • Type the this string: chrome://settings/ in the address bar and then, press Enter on keyboard.
  • Scroll down the page, and then click on the option Show advanced settings…
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page until you see Reset Settings section and there click on the Reset Settings button.
  • Please click on Reset button to proceed if it prompts for confirmation.

Resetting Google Chrome Settings will reset your home page, search engine, new tab page, and other areas affected by Betternewtabsearch.com. This function will also remove unwanted extensions from the browser without affecting your bookmarks, history, and other saved data.

Restore Internet Explorer to Default Settings

  • Open Internet Explorer and explore top menu. In the top menu, click on Tools, and then Internet Options.
  • Click on Advanced tab on Internet Options window.
  • Click the Reset button on the lower part of the window, under Reset Internet Explorer Settings area.

This function will not remove data like favorites, bookmark, and history and it will remain in the browser. However, data like add-ons by Betternewtabsearch.com and other unknown objects may be deleted.

Reset Mozilla Firefox Settings

Resetting Mozilla Firefox Setting will remove unwanted extension from Firefox related to Betternewtabsearch.com and other adware or infectious programs. This function may fix many browser issues by restoring Firefox to factory settings. Resetting your browser’s settings will not affect your essential information like browsing history, passwords, bookmarks, and Internet cookies on the browser.

  • Head to Firefox menu at the top of the browser and click on the Help area. In the same window, click on Troubleshooting Information.
  • Clicking on the Troubleshooting Information option will open a new tab. On upper-right corner of the screen, you will notice a section stating Reset Firefox to its default state. Click on the Reset Firefox button.
  • Click Reset Firefox to continue when confirmation window comes up.
  • Now the Firefox browser will close and start the resetting process. It will display a list of restored data once it is done. By now, Betternewtabsearch.com home page hijacker should be gone and finally click on Finish button to open a fresh version of Firefox.