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Shoppers are all gearing up for one of the busiest shopping days, which is Black Friday, but unluckily, they’re not only the ones. Black Friday attracts the attention of fraudsters and scammers who are keen to take undue advantage of this massive online market to launch their malware scams. This year it falls on November 29, and it marks the beginning of a shopping bonanza when items are sell-off at slashed prices. Black Friday is the lucrative target for Cybercriminals, and they are always stepping up in order to defraud customers.It is a great day to get items at discounted prices and also the time of the year to be scammed and be infiltrated with malware. If you are excited to jump-start with your holiday shopping spree, then you need to beware. The cybercriminals are all ready to con you and to defraud you. Every year, Black Friday sees a significant rise in spam and scams, and 2020 will be no exception. Therefore, before indulging in Black Friday sale, you should safeguard yourself with the extra layer of protection by downloading Anti-Malware Software.

Cyber crooks design counterfeit websites which mostly prey on vulnerable shoppers. The only way to know which is a scam website or not is by looking up for factors such as: if they are selling products that are too-good-to-be-true on hi-end brands, or whether they are offering money off coupons and free gift cards. Even these bogus websites offer limited-time deals so that customer gets no time to recheck the authenticity and they act promptly without giving a second thought to it. Black Friday phishing emails are also set up with the intent of defrauding customers or for spreading malware. The spam campaigns work by making a fake e-commerce site that usually impersonates big brand names. These bogus sites are the replica of the legitimate sites, with the exception of URL. As soon as the festival and holiday season approaches, cyber crooks remain highly active. Therefore, all the shoppers should be on high alert during Black Friday Sale. It’s a time of year when thinking about online safety and security should be your top priority. Despite the upsurge of malware attacks, there are a number of ways through which you can protect yourself online.

Tips and Tricks to Keep Yourself Safe this Black Friday

Shop Smart:

Overexcited and compulsive shoppers are suggested to shop smart and are advised not to click on unsolicited links which are attached in any email or text message. If a deal seems too good to be true, be extra conscious and suspicious. To combat the Black Friday cyber threats, users are recommended to shop on sites that are legitimate. Furthermore, they are advised to visit the website by entering the address instead of clicking on the link.

Keep an eye on Bank Statements:

It is always good to keep a close eye on bank statements for inspectionof fraudulent activities. After shopping from Black Friday Sale, make sure there are no unfamiliar transactions on your account. Cyber crooks are aware that during Black Friday, there will be tons of online activity, so they assume that any unusual debits from your bank account will go undetected. What they do is, firstly they make a few initial debits for smaller amounts than they directly go for a larger amount.

Ensure Your Anti-Malware Software is up to date:

Before you step ahead and begin with shopping for the hottest deals, you should make sure that your Anti-Malware software is up to date with the latest security patches. This will help big time in preventing scammers from gaining access to your computer through vulnerabilities in your outdated system. If you download Anti Malware software, then it will help in detecting hidden threats, and right away, it will block unauthorized users from gaining access.

Watch out for Fake Websites and Social Media Scams:

These are one of the popular techniques through which cybercriminals trick shoppers. When it comes to fake websites, then scammers strive to clone websites in order to dupe shoppers into thinking they are shopping on a legitimate site. Therefore, double-check the address of a website to confirm its authenticity because no one can keep the same web address. Furthermore, fraudsters know that online shoppers will definitely look for deals on social media. And over there, cybercriminals try to dupe people into clicking on infected or dodgy links.

To protect yourself just download Anti-Malware software and after that feel free to enjoy the Black Friday Sale. A reliable and robust Anti-Malware Software has always proved to be a lucrative and long-term investment. If you have a top-notch Anti Malware Software installed in your system, then without any apprehensions you can shop for Black Friday sale, just like there is no tomorrow. Bottom Line, you can put all your mind and cautiousness in selecting what you want to buy without worrying about the safety and security of your data and identity. With the right security software running in the background, your system is all decked up to handle Black Friday Malware scams. Defencebyte Anti-Malware software is specifically designed to protect you from digital catastrophes and offers the first line of defense in combating Black Friday cybercrimes.


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