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What is BrowseForTheCause?

BrowseForTheCause falls in the category of potentially unwanted programs, or PUP, and it claims on its website that it let its users to “Donate to your favorite charity with ZERO out of pocket expense, for life!”. However, it doesn’t show any evidence what charities it will donate to, how it does this, and how much it will donate. Website of this unwanted program also does not contain a privacy policy or terms of use that can state how the program function or what changes it will bring on a device it is installed on.

BrowseForTheCause Program

This program doesn’t show any traces that it is an unwanted program and misleads the users by stating wrong information. The only thing known about this program is that it installs a Windows service called BrowseForTheCause.exe, which reflects a description of “Update nameservers on computer according to DNS servers info”. When this service will be executed, this program will check the computer’s configured DNS servers and alter them to and

BrowseForTheCause Program Properties

How can the Powered by BrowseForTheCause PUP get on your computer?

BrowseForTheCause and such adware remain intact with the freeware that you download off of the third-party sites online. Third-party websites bundle such programs with the freeware that they have on their store and don’t disclose the identity and presence of the disguised software bundled with free programs. The freeware that you download off of the internet often don’t disclose the presence of any other software that is bundled and would be installed along with it. Hence, you really need to pay close attention to the license terms and installation screens while installing anything from the Internet.

If an installation screen offers you Advanced or Custom installation options, better to choose any of these as it will typically disclose if any 3rd party software will also be installed along with the first place install. If the license agreement or installation screens explain that other unwanted adware or toolbar is going to install, immediately cancel the install and don’t use the freeware.  This is not a program that one needs to keep as BrowseForTheCause program’s website page doesn’t show the information what this program performs, it changes the computer’s DNS servers, and it lacks privacy policy or terms of use on the web sites.

It is not recommended to keep the BrowseForTheCause on your computer. If you have installed it by mistake, remove it from your device as it may infect your devices or show unwanted pop-ups and ads.

BrowseForTheCause removal options:

There are two ways (manual and automatic) to remove BrowseForTheCause from your computer and browser.

Follow manual removal process is quite tricky job so it is advised to you that if you are not experienced, ask the experts for help.

However, automatic removal process is fast, easy, and equally efficient that requires buying an anti-virus program to remove BrowseForTheCause from your computer and browser. An anti-virus program will remove the infections automatically. defencebyte AV pro is such a software application that perform infection removal task quite reliably. You just need to download and install the applications first and run it to scan your computer to find the infection and delete it.

Download defencebyte AV Pro

  • Download and install the defencebyte AV Pro
  • Cross check that you have picked the right version for your Windows System.
  • Choose a convenient location to save the file.
  • Windows will prompt when the download will be completed.
  • Click on Run button to start the program or browse the location of the folder and double click on the file defencebyteAVPro_.exe.
  • Accept the terms to continue the remaining process.
  • Perform the scan on your computer to find plug-ins, add-ons, harmful programs, and other malicious entities linked to BrowseForTheCause program.
  • Further, implement the on-screen instructions to continue with the removal.
  • Reboot your machine for everything to take effect, once scan and removal process is done.

Steps to manually remove BrowseForTheCause from your computer

Step 1: Remove BrowseForTheCause from Control Panel

Windows XP:

  • Click on Start button
  • Select Control Panel.
  • Click on Add or Remove Programs
  • Find BrowseForTheCause
  • Click on the Uninstall option

Windows 7/Windows Vista:

  • Click on the Start button
  • Select Control Panel
  • Click on the option Uninstall a Program
  • Find BrowseForTheCause and click on Uninstall

Windows 8/Windows 8.1:

  • Open the Menu then click Search
  • Click Apps and then Control Panel
  • Now like Windows 7, click Uninstall a Program under Programs
  • Find BrowseForTheCause, select it and click on the Uninstall button

Windows 10:

  • Press the Windows key or click on the Start button to open the Start menu
  • At the top, there is Settings option click on that
  • On the left menu, click on App & features
  • Find BrowseForTheCause and click on it, and then click on the Uninstall button
  • Click on Uninstall to confirm

Note: If you are not able to find required program, sort programs by date in Control panel and find out last installed programs.

Once you find BrowseForTheCause, remove it from your browser.

Step 2: Remove BrowseForTheCause from browsers

Google Chrome:

  • Open the Google Chrome browser
  • Push down the Alt + F keys together
  • Click on the option Tools and then select Extensions
  • Find BrowseForTheCause program
  • Click on the Trash icon to remove it

Mozilla Firefox:

  • Open the Firefox browser
  • Push down Shift + Ctrl + A keys simultaneously
  • Select BrowseForTheCause
  • Click on the Disable or Remove button

Internet Explorer:

  • Open the Internet Explorer
  • Push down Alt + T keys
  • Click on the option Manage Add-ons
  • Now choose Toolbars and Extensions
  • Click on the option Disable BrowseForTheCause
  • There is a More information link in the left-bottom corner, click on that
  • Click on the Remove option
  • Perform alternative steps, if this button is grayed out


  • Open Safari browser
  • Select Menu >> Preferences >> “Extensions”
  • Now select toolbar to remove and finally press Uninstall Button
  • To make change in effect, restart the browser at last

Step 3: Resetting your browser search and homepage settings

BrowseForTheCause may not be removed without resetting your web browsers. You need to reset your browser to factory defaults. For resetting your browser to factory defaults, follow the appropriate instructions for each web browser that you have installed. Please be informed that resetting your browser to factory default will remove all add-ons, extensions, toolbars and other customizations however, your bookmarks and favourites will intact as they are.

Reset browser setting in Google Chrome:

  • Open the Google Chrome browser
  • Click on the Chrome menu (3 horizontal bar button in the top right corner of the browser)
  • Select Settings option
  • Go through the option Show advanced settings
  • Open the Reset browser settings section and click on the Reset browser settings option there
  • Click Reset option that will be appearing in the dialog

Reset browser setting in Mozilla Firefox:

  • Open Mozilla Firefox and go to Help section
  • Click on the option Troubleshooting information
  • Click on the Reset Firefox button

Reset browser setting in Internet Explorer:

  • Open Internet Explorer
  • In the right upper corner of your browser, there is a c cogwheel, click on that
  • There, click on the Internet options
  • Click on the Advanced tab
  • Click on the Reset button
  • Near Delete personal settings, there is a checkbox, put a checkmark there
  • Now click on the Reset button

Reset browser setting in Safari

  • Open the Safari browser
  • In the top right-hand corner of the browser window, click on the gear (Safari Options Gear)
  • In the Safari menu, click on the Reset Safari… option
  • Now a window will open that will allow you to choose the items you want to reset
  • Put a checkmark before the items you want to reset and click on the Reset button

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