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Technology is advancing and so are the hijackers! Intended to deploy remote WPAD.dat file as ACS (Automatic Configuration Script) in your browser’s settings, various adware programs stay eager to access & configure the browsers of your PC. Once this setting gets configured, the browsers installed & running on your system will turn habitual to downloading the relevant script from specific remote location & configure several browser settings as per the guidelines given in the script.  


As such scripts are under the control of adware developers, it is obvious that the way in which they configure the settings will frustrate you in one or the other manner. They can irritate you with a massive flood of unwanted pop-ups, ads, and extensions or may redirect you to malicious web pages or websites. Well! If the road for your online journey holds unwelcome pop-ups, unsolicited links, or home pages/ sites that are irrelevant to your search, the destination you reach seems annoying & dangerous.

Generally, Automatic Configuration Scripts (ACS) are utilized for legitimate activities. For instance – when an organization wants to configure browsers of all the workstations to deploy a particular proxy server. On the other side, adware developers and coders can have the benefits from this way by configuring their malicious adware scripts that interrupt functionality of your browsers. List encompassing URLs that often found configured as AutoConfigUrl by hidden adware programmers includes:          

  • http://unblockservice.com/wpad.dat
  • http://un-blocking.com/wpad.dat
  • http://stoppblock.com/wpad.dat
  • http://stoppblock.org/wpad.dat
  • http://stoppblock.me/wpad.dat
  • http://non-block.com/wpad.dat
  • http://noneblock.com/wpad.dat
  • http://stoppblock.biz/wpad.dat
  • http://non-block.net/wpad.dat
  • http://nonblocks.com/wpad.dat
  • http://get-access.me/wpad.dat
  • http://none-stop.net/wpad.dat
  • http://nonblock.net/wpad.dat
  • http://unstopp.me/wpad.dat
  • http://unstops.net/wpad.dat
  • http://unstops.biz/wpad.dat
  • http://un-stop.net/wpad.dat
  • http://unstop.me/wpad.dat

How the Automatic Configuration Script is  configured on Your Machine?

Adware applications that have been designed to configure AutoConfigUrl on your system & browsers commonly arrive with the free applications that you download or install from the online platform. Bundles adware finely, the freeware never disclose that any other program will also be installed alongside. So, it is necessary to be meticulous while reading the license agreements & installing anything from the web. Moreover, if the screen during installation provides you with Advanced or Custom options, choose any of the 2 choices as this will disclose if any 3rd party app is also about to install. Besides it, if the agreement and/ or installation screen states that they will install any toolbar or unwanted adware, be quick & cancel the installation procedure immediately.           

If you notice that you’re being readdressed to websites that are either malevolent or those you haven’t searched for, locate Internet options, followed by Connections tab and then, check if any Automatic Configuration Script is set or configured. If the outcome is positive, consult the respective system administrator else proceed with the underneath guide that assists you to scan & remove unwanted AutoConfigUrls.     

How to Scan & Eliminate AutoConfigUrl Browser Hijacker?

To buzz-off the AutoConfigUrl Browser Hijacker from your system & browser, you can prefer any of the two ways: manual or automatic. However, if you don’t have the technical knowledge or aren’t experienced, the manual process may appear complicated and demands the aid of experts. On the other hand, the second method i.e. procedure to remove the adware hijacker automatically is not just equally efficacious but also faster and easier. If you want to get rid of the nasty software by deploying the 2nd option, there is a need to buy & install a robust antivirus program. defencebyte AntiVirus Pro is a reliable security application that serves you with all that you expect from a powerful protection suite. With several high-quality and advanced security features, it is capable of detecting & eradicating all such unwanted programs in a couple of minutes. What you (as a user) have to do? Exercise a scanning process in order to find out the infections on your computer. Below steps will help you in downloading, installing, and using defencebyte antivirus pro to scan your PC to determine & wipe off AutoConfigUrl Browser Hijacker.

Steps to Use defencebyte antivirus pro for Removing Browser Hijacker

  • Download defencebyte antivirus pro
  • Select a convenient location and utilize it to save the downloaded file
  • After a while, Windows will automatically prompt stating that the download is completed
  • Now, to start the application, click ‘Run’ or double-click the defencebyteAVPro_.exe. file
  • To continue with the remaining procedure, read and accept the terms
  • Serve your machine with a deep scan. This will discover all the unsolicited add-ons, plug-ins, and harmful programs or entries pertaining to perilous AutoConfigUrl Browser Hijacker.  
  • Now, go ahead with the removal by following the on-screen instructions
  • Once the process of scanning and removing the malevolent entities gets over, reboot your computer so that everything done can take effect.

Steps for Manual Removal of AutoConfigUrl Browser Hijacker

Step 1: Eradicate AutoConfigUrl Browser hijacker through Control Panel 

Windows XP users should:

  • Hit the ‘Start’ menu.
  • Choose Control Panel.
  • Click ‘Add and/or Remove Programs’.
  • Look for AutoConfigUrl Browser hijacker.
  • Ultimately, click Uninstall.

 Windows 7/Windows Vista users have to:

  • Hit the Start menu.
  • Choose Control Panel.
  • Click ‘Uninstall a Program’.
  • Look for AutoConfigUrl Browser hijacker.
  • Once found, click Uninstall

Windows 8/ Windows 8.1 need to:

  • Open the Start menu.
  • Click Search.
  • Click Apps.
  • Choose Control Panel.
  • Now, under ‘Programs’, click ‘Uninstall a Program’.
  • Locate, select, and uninstall AutoConfigUrl Browser hijacker

Windows 10 users ought to: 

  • Click the Start menu.
  • After that, click the Settings option existing at the top.
  • Click ‘App & features’ located on the left menu.
  • Find and select AutoConfigUrl Browser hijacker
  • Click ‘Uninstall’ button.
  • If a window prompt for confirmation, again click Uninstall

Note: In case you aren’t able to identify the AutoConfigUrl program, sort all the accessible programs by date. Now, find out and uninstall the lastly installed programs. Sometimes, you are unable to discover the required ones but removing the relevant entries can fix your issue.     

Stew 2: Wipe away AutoConfigUrl Browser hijacker from a variety of browsers

Google Chrome:

  • Open the Chrome browser.
  • Press the Alt + F keys on your keyboard together.
  • Click the option labeled as Tools.
  • Select Extensions.
  • Seek AutoConfigUrl Browser hijacker.
  • At last, hit the ‘Trash’ icon to eliminate it.

Mozilla Firefox:

  • Open the Mozilla Firefox browser.
  • Hit Shift + Ctrl + A keys on your keyboard simultaneously.
  • Search for AutoConfigUrl Browser hijacker.
  • When found, select & delete it by clicking the ‘remove’ or ‘disable’ button.

Internet Explorer:

  • Turn ‘on’ your PC & Open Internet Explorer on it.
  • Hit down the two Alt + T keys simultaneously.
  • Click the ‘Manage Add-ons’ option.
  • Now, opt Toolbars & Extensions.
  • Search for AutoConfigUrl Browser hijacker.
  • When found, select & delete it by clicking the ‘remove’ or ‘disable’ button.
  • If confirmation window prompts, once again click ‘Remove’ option.
  • If this particular button grayed out, exercise alternative steps.


  • Turn ‘on’ your PC & Open Safari browser on it.
  • Choose ‘Menu’ -> ‘Preferences’ -> ‘Extensions’.
  • After selecting Toolbar, hit the button labeled as Uninstall.
  • Finally, restart your browser and let the changes made to come into effect.    

Step 3: Throw out the adware by resetting the browsers’ settings to default 

AutoConfigUrl Browser Hijacker may be stubborn and can persist even after practicing the aforementioned solutions. If you also encounter the same situation, then the only alternate tactic left to remove this threat is resetting your internet browsers. Each browser resides with its own features and settings; hence you have to follow the optimal guidelines relevant to the browser you are deploying. Remember that your attempt to reset any browser to its factory settings will remove only the unwanted add-ons, pop-ups, extensions, entities, toolbars. Your favorites, search history, bookmarks, and other imperative data will remain as they were.       

Reset Your Google Chrome Browser’s settings:

  • Open up the Chrome browser.
  • In the upper-right corner of your browser window, there exists a menu displayed with 3 horizontal bars. Click it.
  • Select ‘Settings’.
  • Hit Show Advanced Settings.
  • Click the option ‘Reset browser settings’ to open a page with these settings.
  • Hit ‘Reset’ button being displayed in the dialog box.   

Reset Your Mozilla Firefox’s settings:

  • Open the Mozilla Firefox.
  • Visit the section appearing with a label ‘Help’.
  • Click the ‘Troubleshooting information’ option.
  • Click ‘Reset Firefox’ option.

Reset Your Internet Explorer Browser’s settings:

  • Open up Internet Explorer.
  • In the upper-right corner of the browser window, there exists a c cogwheel, click that.
  • After that, click ‘Internet’ options.
  • Hit ‘Advanced’ tab.
  • Press ‘Reset’ button.
  • Checkmark the checkbox appearing near or in front of Delete personal settings.
  • Lastly, click ‘Reset’.

Reset the settings of Safari browser:

  • Open your Safari browser.
  • In the browser window’s upper right-hand corner, click Gear option.
  • Now, move to Safari menu and there, click Reset Safari option.
  • From the window that opens up here, checkmark all those items that you wish to reset.
  • Finally, click ‘Reset’.

That’s all! If performed appropriately, one or the other aforementioned solution will definitely make your browser and device free from AutoConfigUrl Browser Hijacker. However, as stated above, getting rid of the nightmarish threat manually can be tricky & may put you in more problematic circumstances. Hence, it is recommended to let defencebyte antivirus pro to buzz-off the infection automatically. Undoubtedly, the ultimate decision is yours! Think and go for what your mind suggests!