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Is your Google Chrome home page or new tab is redirecting you to different websites other than the search query? If yes, it indicates that your device has got virus infection. This is not only the issue that users face on a malware-infected system, it also affects the New Tab and your browser keeps on opening specific web addresses without user’s action. It means if your device is under the control of virus or malware, Google Chrome start acting on its own.


If you see on which websites you are redirected, you will find that these sites are the part of daily malware activities. Cybercriminals trade on this technique to direct web traffic to client’s web sites and in return they get paid by owners of those malicious sites. It is not safe for your data and device to have the infection of Google Chrome redirect virus because this infection does not only disturb your daily browsing experience, but also bring the risk for the data stored on your device.

This infection exposes your sensitive information to the cyber crooks and hackers. An unsafe and infected device always involves the risk of misdeeds and accidents. Therefore, it is important to get rid of this active malicious program. Just removing the components associated to the Google Chrome Redirect Virus will not fix the redirect issue so below a few important steps are given to help you in removing Google Chrome Redirect Virus:

Steps to remove Google Chrome Redirect Virus

Malware, adware, and such other infections may reside on the user’s computer without their consent as they keep their identity hidden and often get installed with freeware that you download and install from third-party sites. Cyber crooks use bundling technique to accomplish such activities. Sometimes to fix the issue, it is enough to remove adware extension from Google Chrome and if it doesn’t work use defencebyte AV Pro to find and delete harmful extensions automatically.

Step 1: Download, install and defencebyte AV Pro to remove Google Chrome Redirect Virus

  • Download the appropriate version of the defencebyte AV pro on your device.
  • Save the file when it asks to save on a convenient location.
  • Once the download is completed, Windows will prompt.
  • Start the program by clicking on Run button or browse the folder where you have saved the same program and double click on the file defencebyteAVPro_.exe to run it.
  • Accept the license terms to continue.
  • Find plug-ins, add-ons, harmful programs, and other malicious entities linked to Google Chrome Redirect Virus by clicking on the scan button.
  • Finish the removal process by continues following the prompt window.
  • For changes to take effect, reboot your computer after scan and removal process is completed.

Step 2: Reset Google Chrome Settings

  1. Open your Google Chrome browser.
  2. Type chrome://settings on the address bar.
  3. Once your are on chrome://settings/ tab, at the bottom of it, click on ‘Show advanced settings…‘
  4. Navigate to the bottom of the page and click on the button Reset settings.
  5. Click on Reset button on confirmation window. Close the existing tab and restart Google Chrome.

It is recommended to scan the computer with defencebyte AV Pro as manual removal process may not successfully remove viruses or malware on the computer.

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