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Also known as Foxsearch.me, Fox Search is a tricky browser redirect or homepage hijacker. Developed with an intention to make money online easily by tricking the simple users, this intrusive program performs its task by gaining access to users’ PC without their consent. The path it deploys in order to reach devices is the browsers running on them. Which web browsers it targets? Almost all the popular ones such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, & Edge. Are you using any of these? Be meticulous as you are in the hit-list that this homepage hijacker prefers targeting.


How Fox Search Works?        

First of all, it enters into the computer by using deceptive and unfair tactics. After that, taking access to the browser settings, it manipulates them as per their dishonest requisites. Worst – the hijacker override set up and configuration stings on not just the new tab but even default search engine and homepage. Promoting itself as a valuable search engine, Fox Search raise and multiply the vulnerabilities on the victim device. This, in turn, makes a lot of other suspicious programs to forcefully download and install on the system, thus generating many tech issues. Apart from frustrating you with a ton of tech errors, this hijacker can make you suffer from cyber-attacks like identity thefts where it steals your personal credentials & send them to its developer. It even monitors your browsing habits and shares the recorded data with the designer so that he/she can trick you to click on any false link, open any doubtful attachment, etc. Once responded, the link or attachment will either redirect you to web page/website full of threats or inject a number of infected files into your system.              

Hope, you have understood that the presence of this dubious & malevolent search engine is really pernicious for your device. So, be vigilant & ensure that there is no Fox Search on your PC so as to stay away from glitches as well as risks to your online identity. However, if you feel that browser hijacker is already distracting you, it is significant to discover and throw the redirect out of your computer as soon as possible.                 

How to Buzz-off Fox Search?  

Fox Search or other such sorts of adware applications can lead to innumerable troubles encapsulating changing your browser settings, utilizing its own homepage or search engine as per their preference. Due to the unforeseen interference, FoxSearch.me results in, most of us deemed this tricky redirect as a simple virus infection. Well! This is completely a misconception. Developed for gaining online profits through the means of posting paid ads and links, it’s not a virus but perilous adware belonging to the group of PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Program). Though not as harmful as viruses yet these ad-driven hijackers that distract and harm you should be eradicated from your PC so as to continue with smooth and fast performance.  

The underneath guide will help you in removing Foxsearch.me from your infected computer & browser with ease. Just go through and implement the step-wise guidelines carefully.  

Procedure to Remove Fox Search

Method 1: The first procedure to eradicate Foxsearch.me covers the automatic removal of the adware by using a reliable defencebyte antivirus pro. Simply, proceed with the below steps that make you scan FoxSearch.me by running defencebyte antivirus pro followed by deleting it.

Step 1: Download & install defencebyte antivirus pro software on your system.

Step 2: Go to your device’s desktop and there, select a location to save the downloaded file such that it can be accessed conveniently when required

Step 3: As the downloading gets complete, Windows will automatically prompt & inform you about the same

Step 4: Now, you need to run the specific program. To do this, either double-click on defencebyteAVPro_.exe. file in order to browse the folder’s location or simply click the ‘Run’ button   

Step 5: After accepting the license terms, continue with the on-screen instructions

Step 6: Run a complete scan in order to find out all the browser hijackers, add-ons, plug-ins, PUPs, malicious entities, or other harmful programs.

Step 7: To accomplish the rest of the removal process, stay moving ahead with the instructions appearing on your system’s screen

Step 8: Once the process gets over, let everything done take effect by rebooting the system.               

Method 2: This alternative to get rid of Foxsearch.me includes the procedure to reset various browsers on your system to their default settings. This practice of dealing with the adware by cleaning clutter & unwanted extensions, add-ons, etc., from your browsers will aid you in putting the dangers at bay.    

Steps for Resetting Chrome Browser to its Default Settings

  • Turn ‘ON’ your PC & open the famous Google Chrome on it.
  • In the appeared address bar, type ‘string: chrome://settings/’ & press ‘ENTER’ key.
  • Locate and click ‘Show Advanced Settings’.
  • Keep scrolling down until you come across ‘Reset Settings’. Once got, click it
  • If a confirmation window or dialog box prompts, click ‘Reset’ on it.

Resetting Chrome browser in this manner will reset almost everything required. For instance – search engine, homepage, new tab, and all other areas impacted by FoxSearch.me or relevant entries. Don’t worry about your browsing history, bookmarks, or favorites because this exercise will not affect the data saved by you.        

Steps for Resetting Mozilla Firefox to its Default Settings

  • Open up your Firefox application
  • Reach to the Firefox menu -> Access Help area -> click Troubleshooting Information
  • You’ll redirect to a new tab where your system’s screen will be available with a section labeled as ‘Reset Firefox to the default settings or state’. Click the button displayed as Reset Firefox
  • If a confirmation window prompts on your desktop, be sure to click the ‘Reset Firefox’ option once again
  • At this stage, your Firefox will automatically close down and proceed with the process of resetting. Once done, an inventory listing restored data will be there in front of you. Hopefully, the adware has gone till now. Click finish and start with a fresh and threat-free Firefox.

This process of resetting Mozilla Firefox will aid you in detecting and eliminating all unwanted extensions, add-ons, etc., related to Fox Search or other adware. As the procedure will not affect your vital information like browsing history, passwords, Internet cookies, bookmarks, stay confident while carrying it out.     

Steps for Resetting Internet Explorer to its Default Settings

  • Open up the Internet Explorer application on your system. Now, click Tools -> Internet Options
  • Select Advanced tab
  • Beneath ‘Reset Internet Explorer Settings’ section, click ‘Reset’   
  • If a dialog box or window asking for confirmation appears, click ‘Reset’ once again
  • Close and restart the browser. This will let the changes made to come to effect.         

When it comes to your valuable data such as browsing history, bookmarks, favorites, or other, the process of resetting the settings to default will not at all affect them. The things that get impacted or removed here encompasses all the add-ons, pop-ups, and unwanted extensions, pertaining to FoxSearch.me or other adware applications.   

The aforementioned practices to buzz-off the browser hijackers like Fox Search are tested and proved beneficial to many users. So, whenever you come across such a threat, be calm and go for any of the two methods to get rid of the adware as soon as possible!            


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