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Fast-Access-Web.com is a browser plug-in that renders the ability to the users to access blocked internet resources. Its developers promote it by saying that using this plugin can bypass the security code applied on the network one is trying to access. It integrates a simple code to your internet browser to bypass the    geographically restricted contents. One can access unlimited content and video streaming sites anywhere in the world. If you find these features striking, let me tell you Fast-Access-Web.com is a program that has suspicious characteristics and categorized as potentially unwanted program (PUP). It is placed in this category because it gets download with the third-party applications without users’ consent and leave the device vulnerable to catch online infections. Fast-Access-Web.com loads along with suspicious freeware and shareware without user’s approval. Once it will install on the users’ computer, it will alter browser settings and insert its own code to keep track on browsing habits of the users, search queries they make, and websites they visit.


Fast-Access-Web.com can also record users’ sensitive data and information with authority and use that for serving more lucrative offers and enhancing advertisements’ appeals. It is more likely act as an adware that offers flexibility of free use of proxy servers. Though this program may have few functional features, but it is now a wise decision to use them in lieu of your security and privacy. So it better that you for other program that does not bring risk to your computer. It is for your own safety, so get browser extension and plug-in only from reputable and valid sources.

How to Remove Fast-Access-Web.com

Here is the complete guide to help you with getting rid of Fast-Access-Web.com and threats from the affected PC. Make sure that you perform all the steps in the same order as they are described for efficient removal of the installed threats, infection, and any other similar program.

Step 1: Use Add/Remove program option on Windows computers

The freeware or shareware that you have installed may be the main cause of adware and malware presence on your computer, so, to get rid of them, uninstall the culprit program.

  1. Click Windows Start button and choose Control Panel from the list of programs.
  2. Head to the ‘Programs‘ area and click on Uninstall a program. It will open a windows showing installed programs.
  3. Find Fast-Access-Web.com entry in the list and remove it. If you don’t find it, look for any other suspicious labels that were installed recently.
  4. Start removing the program by clicking on Uninstall.

Step 2: Scan and Delete Adware with defencebyte AV Pro

  1. Download and install the defencebyte AV Pro on your device.
  2. Save the file at a convenient location on the desktop from where you can access it easily.
  3. Once the download is completed, Windows will prompt about download.
  4. To run the program by clicking on Run button or browse the location of the folder by double clicking on the file defencebyteAVPro_.exe.
  5. Accept the license terms and follow onscreen instructions to carry on the remaining process.
  6. To find adware, browser hijacker, plug-ins, add-ons, PUP, harmful programs, and other malicious entities, run a scan on your machine.
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions to carry on with the remaining removal process.

8.As soon as scan and removal process gets completed, reboot your system for everything to take effect.

Step 3: Clear Fast-Access-Web.com Proxy Settings

Most of the most popular browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Safari use system proxy settings so to remove Fast-Access-Web.com, you need to change Internet Properties of the operating system. Mozilla Firefox browser need to be configured separately.

How to Remove Fast-Access-Web.com Proxy from Internet Properties of Windows Computers

  1. Close affected browser program.
  2. Click on Windows Start or Search bar and type inetcpl.cpl in the search field and hit Enter on keyboard.
  3. You will see the Internet Properties window and there click on Connections tab.
  4. Now, click on LAN Settings.
  5. Under “Use Automatic Configuration Script “, delete Fast-Access-Web.com/wpad.dat.
  6. Untick the Check mark on Use Automatic Configuration Script.
  7. Save the settings by clicking on OK.
  8. Exit Internet Properties window by clicking again on OK.

How to Remove Fast-Access-Web.com Proxy from Firefox Browser

  1. Open the Mozilla Firefox program.
  2. Type about:preferences#advanced in the address bar.
  3. On the Advanced settings page, click on Network tab.
  4. Next click on Settings under Connection area.
  5. Head to Automatic proxy configuration URL section and Delete the string Fast-Access-Web.com/wpad.dat from the field.
  6. Finally, to deactivate proxy configured by Fast-Access-Web.com, Lastly, select “Use System Proxy Settings”.
  7. Save the settings by clicking on OK and restart Mozilla Firefox.