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EasyHotSpot is an unwanted adware computer program and it advertise itself as a useful tool that helps you to configure Windows for sharing the Internet connection with other users. Although this function is useful, but this program isn’t trustworthy and may expose your system to multiple threats. This program display irrelevant and unwanted ads while a computer user browses the Internet. As soon as you put your cursor on these advertisements mistakenly or click on them, the attached link will open in the new tab showing the advertisement.

Often EasyHotSpot and such adware hide themselves behind the free applications and install on the user’s computer without their consent. If you got this infection onto your computer, they make your device sluggish and slow. You can’t notice its presence while installing the program that is bundling this adware agent. Even freeware doesn’t adequately disclose that any other software may get installed along with them. Therefore, it’s user’s responsibility to pay attention while installing anything online.

Stay attentive while accepting license agreement and other terms of using software. Be attentive on installation steps and screens, and select Custom or Advanced installation options because they will disclose the information about any other 3rd party software that may getting installed. If the installation screens or license agreement disclose that unwanted adware or toolbar is going to be installed onto your system, immediately cancel the install. Unfortunately, if you have installed EasyHotSpot while browsing the web or installing something online, uninstall it immediately.



Follow the below given instructions to get rid of EasyHotSpotand any other related program.There are two methods to clean your computer from the grip of these bad agents. One is automatic removal from the help of a software tool and another method is manual removal. Newbies are advised to use automatic removal method and experts may choose any of the two.

EasyHotSpotadware Removal Options

  1. Manual removal

Try this method only if you’re an advanced computer user and also make sure that you take the backup of your data before initiating the removal process. If you face any problem in between, don’t hesitate to ask the experts for help. These steps can be used to remove this infection for free. Please print the instructions toyou may need to exit from your browser window or reboot your machine.

Follow the steps in order to remove EasyHotSpot:

  • Sometimes EasyHotSpothas a usable Uninstall entry that you may use to remove the program. To perform this function, click on the Start button then openthe Control Panel.
  • In the Control Panel, double-click on one of the options as per your version of Windows

Windows XP users need to double-click on the Add or Remove Programs icon.

Users ofWindows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 need to double-click on the Uninstall Program option.

  • As soon as the Add or Remove Programs or the Uninstall Program screen come up, scroll through the complete list of programs and double-click on each of the foreign entries listed to uninstall them.
  • After double-clicking on each of the suspicious entries, follow the default prompts to remove all files and all configuration information related to these programs. In between, if you’re asked to reboot your computer, do not allow it to reboot until you have uninstalled all of the programs listed above.
  • Close the Control Panel screens once you’re done.
  1. Automatic removal using defencebyte Antivirus Pro

defencebyte antivirus pro is a virus, malware, and other types of infection removal tool. It automatically detects the threats and remove them from your machine. To make your computer infection free you need to install and download defencebyte antivirus pro.  After downloading the software, just follow the steps below to install, scan, find and remove any malicious adware from your system.

Step 1

  1. Close all the running programs including this one, after download is complete.
  2. Then double-click on the icon on your desktop defencebyteAVPro.exe. This step will begin the installation in your system.
  3. Once the installation starts, you must keep following the prompts to keep up with the installation process. Make sure you don’t make any changes to default settings. After the program has finally installed onto your system, the user must leave defencebyteAntiVirus Pro checked. Lastly press the Finish In case, defencebytes prompts you to reboot the system, then it is advised not to do so.
  4. defencebyte AntiVirus Pro is ready to scan our system.

Now click on Scan button to start up with the scan. In case any update regarding defencebyte is available, the download and installation will automatically take place before the scan performs.

  1. defencebyteAntiVirus Pro will now begin with the scanning your system for any kind of malwares present in your system. This step could take a while so you are requested to work on something else and keep checking up on the status from time to time.
  2. After defencebyteAntiVirus Pro is finished with scanning, the malware which has been found will show up on your screen.

The user should now press on Clean Now to delete all the malware and foreign agents that showed up. The defencebyte AntiVirus Pro will now start deleting all the files and registry keys. In this step, defencebyte might require a reboot to be able to delete some of them. Please allow the reboot to take place if it appears on the screen. If it displays a message stating that it needs to reboot, please allow it to do so. Please continue with the steps after the system has been rebooted and the user is logged in.

  1. You can now close defencebyteAntiVirus Pro.

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