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Over a period of time, your Laptop begins to accumulate files and programs which slow down its response time, even when you’re very particular with the timely maintenance of your Laptop. After a while, Laptop abruptly starts acting up, making it longer to start up, freezing now and then. It starts taking ages to perform a simple task such as just opening folders and saving files. When you start facing such circumstances, the whole world comes to a halt. Conduct routine maintenance by freeing up hard drive space and adding RAM. But this won’t work in every scenario. If you want to get rid of screen freezes, hangs, and lags, make sure your Laptop has an Advanced System Optimizer and stop worrying, as this software will do the needful. You just concentrate on the steps mentioned below, and the rest will be taken care of by this peerless Optimizer software.

What To Do?

There are plentiful reasons for the sudden slowdown of a computer, including lack of memory and the presence of malevolent computer viruses or Malware. No one has signed up for this when they buy a brand-new laptop. No one deserves to settle for the painfully slow system processor. Instead, learn how to diagnose the issue and fix it.

Clean out your Registry Keys:

The registry keeps track and control where your programs are stored, which DDLS they use, and the ways windows work. But in Registry everything gets accumulated when you uninstall a program. Registry program settings don’t get cleaned up every time, which further results in the slowdown of the system. To clean all the mess, you require a Registry Cleaner. There are abundant free cleaners that are available in the market. One should download a reliable and robust Advanced System Optimizer that is meticulously designed and is proficient at emptying registry keys.

Free Up Memory:

Insufficient memory is chronic pain. It is imperative to be cautious of the storage of your PC. When you keep on downloading large files and videos in low space, it becomes vital to free up memory periodically. Look how much memory you’re consuming. Firstly, press Alt, Control, and Delete buttons at the same time. Open the task manager by clicking and closing programs you don’t require because every open tab eats tons of memory.

Defragmenting your Hard Drive:

By Defragmenting your Hard Drive, you will easily be able to enhance the performance of the PC. It will prevent fragmentation as overtime, many files get fragmented on the hard drive. In fragmentation, the files get split, and it requires time to time defragmentation.

Beware of Malware and Virus:

Through Malware and virus, cybercriminals take over the computer’s processing power. If the malware and virus end up on your computer, they mess up with the computer’s functioning. To know whether your system is infected with malware – open Task Manager, now at the same time press Alt, Control, and Delete buttons on the keyboard and click Open. After doing this look for an application that takes most of the CPU load. Use top-rated anti-virus software which is peerless at removing malware and virus effectually from your system.

Check your Internet Connection:

In some of the scenarios slowing down of the computer, performance has nothing to do with your laptop. There can be an issue with your Wi-Fi Connection. Check the speed of the Wi-Fi and then take the requisite actions.

Scan for Virus and Malware:

If your system is infected by viruses and malware, then your computer will become slower. Your computer requires an updated antivirus program that scans your system regularly and thoroughly. Since pre-installed Windows Defender is not efficient enough to detect it. Always install reliable and trusted antivirus software. You can download defencebyte Antivirus pro Software. Through its unrivaled performance, it will detect and fix the virus issues promptly. Afterward, once the whole procedure is done restart your computer.

Why Maintaining Backups Are Important?

If your Laptop is old and is experiencing recurring crashes and windows errors; then you should definitely maintain the weekly backup of essential files. It will save you from the inevitable data loss situations. Data can be lost due to the occurrences of many undesirable events such as malware infection, system crash, hard drive corruption, failure, and many more.

Last  & Most Crucial Step: Download Top-Notch Advanced System Optimizer!

Now, when you’re acquainted with the guidelines to follow when your laptop processor slows down, the next and the most crucial step is to download a defencebyte computer optimizer software in your Laptop. In a single click, it relentlessly fixes all trouble areas and cleans your Laptop competently. The software will suspend superfluous system processes, remove junk files, empty registry keys, erase invalid paths and also eliminate non-existent shared DLLs. It is equipped with the best of hi-end features and is adept at maintaining the performance of laptops to an optimum level for a long.


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