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If you’ve just updated your laptop to Windows 10, you may have noticed that your laptop now doesn’t ask you to sign in after you wake it up by lifting the screen. So from the privacy and security aspect, it’s a very important thing to consider that every time whenever you wake up your system, it say to sign in by entering the right password.

vrmkWIf your laptop doesn’t ask for a password to log-in in Windows 10, power settings in the Control Panel may be indicating that they are still set to keep the system sleep even after you close the lid. Which doesn’t show the login screen only, but remain login? That’s why Windows 10 is set to never ask you to sign in again in case you’ve been away for a while. And it also includes that period also when a laptop wakes up after sleep.

Since it’s somehow concerned with the privacy of the machine, hence to resolve this, you need to visit the Windows 10 sign-in settings. Which you can access from the Notifications tray that is near the clock on your Taskbar. The Notifications icon may be in between the speaker and keyboard icons, open that and click on All Settings, then go to Accounts and open it. Now move to the Sign-in options area and make the changes in the ‘Required sign-in’ field from ‘Never’ to ‘When PC wakes up from sleep.

That’s all what you need to encrypt your system if you’re running Windows 10. After applying these changes, you’ll be asked to sign-in once again as soon as you wake up your laptop by lifting its lid. This will give you a security if you’re away from your laptop, there are kids in your family, you’re travelling, or your laptop is stolen. In any of the cases nobody else will be able to access your machine by accessing it straight away.

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