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Over time, your PC will get clogged with unused software, useless files, and other digital debris, which can cause sluggish performance. But there is no need to re-install the complete system or splurge on a new computer. You can speed up your computer with the best pc booster like Defencebyte Computer Optimizer.

What are junk files?

Such files are extra files created on your computer when you use different programs. They are intended for better operation for a short period of time and must delete themselves after that, but do not do so for whatever reason.

For example, when you download files from the internet, junk files are created, and each time you run programs or download other files, there is an accumulation of junk files which takes up much space on your SSD or Hard drive.

In the first instance, junk files are temporary and feature useful data while being used, but these files become irrelevant after some time. This is when they become junk files.

Main kinds of junk files

There are many names by which junk files go by, such as TIF (Temporary Internet Files), thumbnails, Downloaded Program Files, etc. There are 6 major kinds of junk files:

  • Programs which have been removed improperly and any related material.
  • TIF (Temporary Internet Files): They are stored as you browse different sites and reload when you repeat browsing through the site. Their main aim is to speed up websites, which can be deleted from the OS (Operating System).
  • Temporary Program data: They are stored in your hard disk when you install or use a program.
  • Microsoft Word temporary files
  • Temporary system files: they are stored when you shut down or power on your PC.
  • Thumbnails: these are image previews that help images load faster when you open them on your computer.

Sources of junk files

Temporary files are created each time you use your PC. For example, when you shut down or power on your PC, the OS creates temporary system files for speeding up the process. When you open documents with MS Word, temporary files are created for backing up any work. While you browse via different websites.

Junk Files cleaners

TIF’s are downloaded to ensure that websites load faster the next time you visit the same website.

While they are being downloaded, such files are highly useful. But the problem emerges when the PC does not delete them automatically after some time when there is no more need for such files.

Why delete junk files

The common notion is that junk files are pretty harmless. But the fact is the opposite: junk files slow down your PC, and they do not any longer serve any purpose.

What you need to know is that the hard disk of your computer has limited space, and when it is full, your computer may lock up or even crash. Each time you use your desktop or laptop, the junk files will accumulate, wasting crucial disk space. This then prevents the machine from operating in an optimal fashion.

The number of junk files piling up in your hard drive determines how much time you take to access files and programs on the PC. The more is the data on your hard drive, the more sluggish and clogged up the computer will be. You will spend much time opening programs and launching web pages, while the system will take more time to find documents.

In case junk files are excessive, your computer will take a long to power on. When you delete junk files from your computer, you will free up Gigabytes or Megabytes of disk space in your hard drive. This offers you more space for more files and boosts the performance of your computer considerably.

How to find junk files?

How to locate such errant files on your system? Firstly, you must go to the disk.

Clean-up tool and click on “Clean up system files”. Locate the tab labelled ‘more options’ and find your way to ‘system restore’. Click on the ‘clean up’ button and confirm your action through the ‘delete button’.

Mode of deleting junk files

You can delete junk files on your PC through following 2 ways:

Junk Files cleaner defencebyte

Using Disk cleanup tool

Take the following steps for removing junk files using the Disk Cleanup tool:

  • Step one: Search for Disk Cleanup in the Windows search bar
  • Step 2: Choose the drive you would like to clean up junk files from
  • Step 3: Select the Cleanup systems file option
  • Step 4: Yet again, Windows will ask you on which drive to clean up files from
  • Step 5: Select more options
  • Step 6: Under System Restore, select Clean up.
  • Step 7: Click delete

Installation of Disk Cleaner

The Disk Cleanup tool on your device may help locate junk files, but you will need to install a disk cleaner for effective deletion. The best way to delete files is by installing a disk cleaner that can delete them in one click. The selection of disk cleaner should be based on the ability to clear all unnecessary junk files with ease and should run regularly.

Use of defencebyte Computer Optimizer

This is the one of the best PC booster software you can find in the market. By using it, you will gain a faster computer in no time. An optimized computer will last you much longer, thus saving you much money.

Using this optimizer provides you a whole range of matchless benefits. Purchasing a PC Optimizer is perhaps one of the best investments you can make.

PC Optimizer software removes a wide range of unnecessary items from the PC. Since such files and programs can slow down your computer, you can gain a faster and more stable computer.

As opposed to Mac’s, Windows is much slower to boot up. The solution is the Defencebyte Computer Optimiser. Unwanted software slows down your computer at start-up. By having to load less programs, your computer will boot faster.

By removing junk files, you can free up space on your computer so that you can save up more valuable items such as photos of family or a favourite game.

Removal of TIF’s also helps in gaining more privacy from being tracked. In combination with other security products from Defencebyte, you will have a better-performing computer and much more protection.


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