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There is no other experience as frustrating as attempting to play a video game that crashes, freezes, or stutters, particularly when you cannot upgrade your hardware at once or are not sure about the nature of the issue with the game.

The following is a round-up of the best tips to boost your FPS (Frames Per Second) and ensure smooth gameplay on your PC.

What is low FPS

Low FPS is when your game starts to slow down since your PC does not have enough memory or power for running it properly. Common causes of low FPS are inadequate RAM, outdated CPU, aged graphics driver, feeble graphics card, etc.

Similar to movies, games are displayed on your monitor in a rapid range of frames. FPS refers to the number of frames displayed on your monitor every second.

Majority of games run between 30 and 60 FPS. With such rates, the games can be played smoothly though some gamers insist on a minimum of 60 FPS and more. Most gaming laptops and monitors function at speeds of 144 to 360 Hz for a super fine experience and competitive gameplay.

In case your PC is not sufficiently powerful to keep generating all such frames, the frame rate will fall. This results in a game resembling as though it was in slow motion. Hence, the need for a free PC optimizer.

In case you are weighing PC gaming versus console gaming, PC gaming wins hands down as it is not possible to modify a console after you buy it.


Easy tips to boost FPS

Enable Game Mode

A game mode is a built-in tool designed for optimizing Windows 10 for gaming. Game Mode de-activates background activities like app notifications or Windows updates to aid your computer to boost FPS in your games.

From mid-2019, Windows 10 has featured enabling of Game Mode by default. Your computer must be able to detect when you are gaming and put priority on its resources suitably.

Activate the Gaming Mode on your PC for gaining more FPS in the following way:

  • Open settings by clicking on the Cog icon in the Start menu
  • Select category of gaming
  • Select Game mode from the menu

The Game mode is now ready to boost FPS and enhance performance while playing a game.

Reduce resolution

As most of us will not have a super high-end PC, we may need to make some sacrifices in the area of graphics to gain higher FPS. Average computers cannot support high FPS (Like 60) while running games at ultra-high resolution.

When resolution increases, the number of pixels on the screen rises up, including the stress on your GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). Reducing your game’s resolution can enhance your FPS by making the job of your GPU easier because it will not need to support that many pixels with every frame. Graphics may not be very clear, but the game will run more smoothly because of the display’s tweaked settings.

When you reduce your resolution from 1080 p to 900 p, it will reduce the total number of pixels by around 30%. Reducing resolution down further to 720 p will provide you around half the pixels of the original 1080 p making this an effective though less elegant FPS booster.

Change video settings of the game 

While you fiddle with the game’s resolution, you must tweak other video settings for an extra boost for FPS. Some of the games will feature simple settings like low/ medium/ high levels etc. Other games may feature nuanced controls, numerical settings, etc.

Consider following changes in settings for higher FPS:

  • Graphic details: Lower the quality of items like reflections, textures, lighting, and shadows. The game may appear less life-like, but it will run more smoothly.
  • Draw distance: If possible, reduce draw distance to prevent the game from featuring far-off objects. With fewer items to feature at one go, the GPU can focus its resources on the current environment.

Update drivers of graphic cards

The graphic card happens to be the focal point of your gaming experience. But its true power cannot be unleashed without the proper graphics driver. Upgradation of the graphics card driver can be a huge booster of FPS and the best PC booster.

Remove bloatware and unused programs 

Does your operating system become increasingly slow with every additional program installed on the PC, which will impact your games? The reason is that many programs run background activities in spite of them not being used, which wastes valuable memory of your PC.

Some online tools help your PC gain more FPS and prioritize its resources by uninstalling unused programs, removing bloatware and enhancing the efficiency of programs you require.

Boost Wi-Fi

Game playing may lag because of poor internet connection. Hence, though it won’t raise your FPS, enhancing your Wi-Fi signal will help to reduce lag and improve the gaming experience.

Advanced techniques

Following are some powerful ways to boost FPS and gaming experience:


optimizing your PC for smooth gaming

Overlock graphics card

Apart from struggling CPU and inadequate RAM, your graphic chip is mostly the hindrance that results in lacklustre gameplay and stuttering. To enhance FPS and improve performance, you must push your graphics card beyond its default setting of speed through overclocking.

A decade back, overclocking would have potentially damaged your hardware. However, today, most systems will shut down before suffering any damage. Also, only a small 15% of GPU overclock is recommended for a quick tweaking of performance which can substantially enhance your gaming experience. But always follow safe procedures of GPU overclocking while doing it on one’s own.

Upgrade graphics card 

In case 1080 p or 1440 p is enough for your gaming requirements, you will witness a substantial boost of FPS with a much more affordable GPU. In case you are designing your own Windows 10 gaming PC, you can select the perfect GPU for the way you game.

Upgrade to SSD 

SSD’s (Solid State Drives) is way faster than mechanical hard disks, rendering them an excellent way for optimizing your Windows 10 computer for the sake of gaming. Upgradation to SSD will not impact FPS but will help in speeding up of PC and lower loading time while playing games.

In sum, these are the tips for optimizing your PC for smooth gaming and better FPS. PC optimization software for gaming could also help you in this regard.


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